In today’s economic landscape, IT automation has become a strategic imperative for businesses looking to move faster, optimize productivity and simplify operations. Organizations that embrace automation gain a competitive edge by speeding up processes, reducing errors, enhancing security and allowing their IT teams to focus on higher-value projects. Taking it a step further and moving to enterprise-wide automation helps organizations decrease costs, maximize their return on investment and increase cross-collaboration between teams. 

An introduction to Ansible Automation Platform

Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform helps you achieve enterprise-wide automation while mitigating risk and accelerating innovation. Ansible Automation Platform is flexible, security-focused and capable, helping IT teams create, manage and scale automation initiatives. And there is no need to install software, so teams can start automating time-consuming, repetitive workflows right away. Teams can also share automation scripts and access Red Hat Ansible Certified Content from a wide variety of vendors through the Ansible automation hub and Ansible Content Collections

Empowering your team through training

Staff who train on Ansible Automation Platform find1:

  • Boosted team productivity, as they can accomplish repetitive tasks more quickly
  • Higher quality work, through optimized development time and a reduction in human errors
  • Cost savings, as system administration costs are reduced as team efficiency increases

In an IDC study on the value of Red Hat Training, one participant shared their team’s increase in capacity after upskilling: “With Red Hat Training, it doesn’t matter which engineer is engaged on a project. They are all using Ansible for automating tasks, allowing them collectively to be five times as productive. This was not possible previously. As a result, they’ve definitely picked up the pace of productivity.” 

We can help you get started 

Ready to kick off your journey towards enterprise-wide automation with Ansible Automation Platform? Start with the "Ansible Basics: Automation Technical Overview (DO007)" – no, it's not James Bond's signature codename, but it's arguably as thrilling! This  series of introductory videos is available at no cost, and provides an introduction to Ansible Automation Platform's essentials, allowing teams and individuals to learn at their own pace.

This overview is ideal for organizations on a budget, those new to automation, or anyone interested in transitioning from community Ansible to the enterprise version. It's also a valuable resource for IT leaders, administrators, engineers, architects and other professionals who want to explore Ansible Automation Platform's potential.

What’s covered?

The introductory videos cover all of the basics of Ansible Automation Platform, and explore the differences between the upstream Ansible project and Ansible Automation Platform. It also provides a high-level overview of operationalizing Ansible Automation Platform and putting it into production. Additionally, the videos cover essential topics such as understanding modules, tasks, and playbooks, exploring enterprise features, and mastering the automation controller.

Ready to learn more? Download the no-cost introductory Ansible Basics: Automation Technical Overview to begin your organization's journey towards enterprise-wide automation.

1Source: IDC Business Value White Paper, sponsored by Red Hat, The Business Value of Red Hat Training, Doc # US46999720, December 2020

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