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Advance digital transformation using hybrid cloud

Open hybrid cloud solutions on Microsoft Azure

Together, Red Hat and Microsoft give you more choice and flexibility for your hybrid cloud deployments. We are committed to delivering enterprise operating systems, simplified container technologies, rigorous security standards, and an integrated support experience to help our enterprise customers embrace hybrid cloud.

We jointly offer open hybrid cloud solutions on Azure and in your datacenter.
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Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform on Azure test drive
Red Hat Ansible Automation on Azure test drive


Red Hat and Microsoft simplify container management

Red Hat and Microsoft are expanding our partnership around hybrid cloud, container management, and developer productivity, empowering enterprise developers to run container-based applications across Microsoft Azure and on-premises. As part of this collaboration we will be introducing the first jointly managed OpenShift offering in the public cloud, combining the power of Red Hat OpenShift and Microsoft Azure.

Read the press release
Watch the announcement from Red Hat Summit
Read Microsoft's blog post

Helping customers harness open innovation

Red Hat and Microsoft bring the power and scale of Microsoft SQL Server for Linux to Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform. As Microsoft’s preferred Linux platform for SQL Server, Red Hat Enterprise Linux extends the enterprise database and analytics capabilities of SQL Server by delivering it on the industry-leading platform, boosting performance, security, reliability, and manageability.

Discover the possibilities of hybrid cloud from Red Hat and Microsoft

Together, Red Hat and Microsoft have jointly engineered hybrid cloud solutions to create consistency and efficiency across your environments, on-premise, public cloud, and everything in between.


It's all about choice and flexibility

Easy to get started

Use Red Hat Cloud Access to move your Red Hat subscriptions to Azure in 3 easy steps. Or launch a Red Hat Enterprise Linux virtual machine (VM) directly on Azure.

Choice without complexity

Choose where to run your applications—in your datacenter or in the cloud—expand your IT options without adding complexity.

Comprehensive support

Get global support across hybrid environments from Red Hat and Microsoft in 18 regions. Whether you run Red Hat products on premise or in Microsoft Azure, you'll get a consistent support experience.

New application development capabilities

Enterprise and independent software vendor (ISV) developers can direct their apps developed on Microsoft .NET to infrastructure powered by Red Hat Enterprise Linux, including Red Hat OpenShift.


Red Hat CloudForms manages Azure virtual machines (VMs) in addition to VMware, Red Hat OpenStack® Platform, Red Hat Virtualization, Microsoft Hyper-V, and Amazon Web Services (AWS). This lets you manage workloads across physical, virtual, and private and public clouds.


Red Hat Enterprise Linux on Microsoft Azure provides a consistent enterprise platform and application programming interfaces (APIs) for certified apps and containers, resulting in portability across physical, virtual, and private and public clouds.


Helping you embrace hybrid cloud computing

In November 2015, Red Hat and Microsoft partnered to give you great choice and flexibility for building, deploying, and managing applications across public and private clouds.

So far, we've announced:

Global support

Expert support, times 2

The combined expertise of Red Hat and Microsoft is automatically available when you use Red Hat products on Azure. You get consistent service no matter which company you contact for support. Best of all, you don't have to figure out whether the issue comes from Red Hat or Microsoft—we do that for you.


Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform on Microsoft Azure test drive
Explore this test drive to get an overview of how Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform can help provide a secure, flexible, and easy-to-manage application infrastructure.
Red Hat Ansible Automation on Microsoft Azure test drive
Explore this test drive to get an overview of how to simply automate and deploy workloads in Microsoft Azure using Red Hat Ansible Automation.
Creating and uploading a virtual hard disk that contains the Linux operating system
Find out how to create and upload a virtual hard disk so you can use it as your own image to create virtual machines in Azure.

Solution Briefs

Simplify digital transformation with Red Hat and Microsoft
Read this solution brief to learn how Red Hat and Microsoft cloud solutions deliver the features and functionality needed to quickly build a secure, reliable, and flexible cloud environment.
Gain choice in hybrid cloud deployment
Learn how Red Hat and Microsoft deliver more options for building, deploying, and managing a hybrid cloud environment— so you can choose the applications and platforms that meet your current and future business needs
Deploy a container-based hybrid cloud with Red Hat and Microsoft
Successful digital transformation requires evolution in applications, processes, and infrastructure. Red Hat and Microsoft offer an enterprise-grade container-ready hybrid environment that let's you use agile development processes to quickly build and deploy modern, microservices-based applications that can help move your business forward.
Build an enterprise-grade cloud environment with Red Hat and Microsoft
Learn how Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Microsoft Azure offer an ideal public cloud foundation to support modern IT needs.
Increase security of public cloud workloads with Red Hat and Microsoft
Learn how Red Hat and Microsoft mitigate threats to cloud workloads with security teams, testing, and advanced security features and tools.


Intro to Microsoft SQL Server on Linux with containers
View this webinar to get an overview of the capabilities of Microsoft SQL Server on Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform. Learn the advantage of running Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform on premise and on Microsoft Azure. See a demo of application compatibility between SQL Server on Windows and SQL Server on Red Hat Enterprise Linux.
Red Hat and Microsoft: Partnering to bring enterprise customers to the cloud
In this webinar hosted by 451 Research, Microsoft and Red Hat explain how to overcome common challenges of application modernization, infrastructure management, and cloud deployment.
Build your hybrid cloud with Red Hat and Microsoft
Learn how Microsoft can help customers using Red Hat Enterprise Linux on premise to explore hybrid cloud options.


Red Hat and Microsoft simplify containers to help enterprises accelerate to the hybrid cloud
Red Hat and Microsoft announce an expansion of their existing alliance to help enterprises more easily adopt containers and cloud-native applications. In this video, Microsoft and Red Hat discuss the expanded alliance, what it brings to enterprise IT, and how joint customers will benefit.
Red Hat solutions in Microsoft Azure: Secure, manageable, and well-supported
Discover how Azure offers agility to the enterprise by offering secure, manageable, and well- supported Red Hat solutions in the cloud.
Julia White’s keynote at Red Hat Summit 2017
Julia White, corporate vice president for Azure and Security Marketing at Microsoft, talks about how Microsoft and Red Hat are partnering to empower digital transformation using the cloud.
Red Hat OpenShift on Microsoft Azure demo at Red Hat Summit 2017
Jim Zimmerman, Microsoft, and Steve Pousty, Red Hat, do a live demo of Red Hat OpenShift on Azure with fully integrated support. They demonstrate the freedom and choice that Microsoft and Red Hat offer together, which allows customers to develop and deploy when and where they want to.
Red Hat and Microsoft deliver more flexibility and choice
The Microsoft partnership with Red Hat extends our commitment to offer unmatched choice and flexibility in an enterprise hybrid cloud experience.

Case studies

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol builds agile cloud with Red Hat
Amsterdam Airport Schiphol chose to migrate several of its IT systems to the cloud to become more flexible, secure, and efficient in an effort to improve its passenger experience and become the best digital airport. The airport chose to deploy Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform on Microsoft Azure as the foundation for its hybrid cloud environment, supported by Red Hat Gluster Storage, Red Hat JBoss® Middleware, and other Red Hat products.

The datacenter is heterogeneous, and the cloud is hybrid. With Red Hat and the leader in enterprise cloud workloads joining forces, our customers are the winners today, as we unite on common solutions to help them solve challenges in the hybrid cloud. Together, we're offering the most comprehensive support agreement for our mixed technologies to support customers.

Paul Cormier, President, Products and Technologies, Red Hat

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