Partners: Red Hat and Microsoft

Operate in a hybrid cloud environment with flexibility and support

Red Hat and Microsoft form a consistent and flexible cloud foundation by providing a choice of hybrid cloud deployments and jointly developed solutions built to support modern IT practices on Microsoft Azure.

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Building the future of hybrid cloud together

Red Hat and Microsoft understand the complexity of hybrid cloud. In partnership since 2015, we are committed to providing pre-integrated solutions that deliver high availability, reliability, and performance for demanding applications in hybrid cloud environments.

Red Hat’s hybrid cloud approach delivered on Microsoft Azure provides the choice, flexibility, and support needed to operate modern IT practices and meet ever-changing customer expectations.

With a hosted and managed platform, application, and data services available for Microsoft Azure through Red Hat® Cloud Services, you can adopt a hybrid cloud strategy with minimal disruption, reduced complexity, and increased flexibility while driving significant economic benefits.

Integrate with Microsoft Azure Services

Many Red Hat solutions—including Red Hat OpenShift®, Red Hat Enterprise Linux®, Red Hat Ansible® Automation Platform, and more—are integrated with Microsoft Azure, making implementation efficient and convenient.

Deploy Microsoft Azure Arc-enabled solutions from Red Hat

Integration between Red Hat solutions and Microsoft Azure Arc’s Linux management capabilities allow you to use Microsoft Azure Arc to help centrally manage your Red Hat Enterprise Linux infrastructure and Red Hat OpenShift deployments at scale.

Access integrated support from Red Hat and Microsoft

Gain consistent, integrated support across your hybrid cloud environment with Red Hat and Microsoft—no matter if you run Red Hat products on-premise or on Microsoft Azure.

Tap into the capabilities of the full Red Hat solution portfolio

Combine the broad portfolio of Red Hat solutions—including hybrid cloud infrastructure, application services, cloud-native application development, and automation solutions—to deliver IT services in less time and with greater cost efficiency in any environment.

Manage flexible deployments with consistency

Gain the flexibility of a cloud-native strategy with Kubernetes on a consistent application platform ready to manage hybrid cloud, multicloud, and edge deployments—available as a fully-managed or self-managed offering.

Operate confidently in a shared environment

Create consistency across infrastructure with a robust, adaptable platform to reduce application deployment friction and speed up time to value for critical workloads—available as Microsoft Azure-integrated or stand-alone deployments.

Benefit from organization-wide automation

Implement a holistic automation approach across your organization on a managed application that is fully supported by Red Hat, including the tools you need to start automating with minimal setup.

Deliver applications faster from anywhere

Benefit from simplified deployment on an application platform optimized for cloud environments and containerization, with lightweight architecture that provides the flexibility to deploy in any environment.

Case study

Grupo Logístico Andreani

When Grupo Logístico Andreani needed to keep Argentina stocked with critical products through the mandatory social isolation period during COVID-19, they turned to Microsoft Azure Red Hat OpenShift.

With technology and support from Red Hat and Microsoft, they were able to complete the adoption process in less than a week and meet a 35% increase in volume demand with uninterrupted service.

Video testimonial

Microsoft Cloud + AI Group

Icon-Red_Hat-Media_and_documents-Quotemark_Open-B-Red-RGB Customers are really looking for end-to-end solutions and we’re uniquely positioned to be able to help provide that together.

Scott Guthrie

Executive Vice President, Microsoft Cloud + AI Group, on how Red Hat and Microsoft are jointly committed to serving the needs of our customers.


Vodafone NZ

When Vodafone New Zealand (Vodafone NZ) realized its existing technology stack was unable to keep up with the surges in demand it was experiencing, it decided to modernize its operations support system and business support system platforms and move to a hybrid cloud environment.

The telecommunications company turned to Red Hat and Microsoft for a container-based microservice architecture that it could deploy and scale at speed—which they found in Microsoft Azure Red Hat OpenShift and a range of other Red Hat products and services.

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