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Struggling to meet surging business demands for IT services? You’ve probably reached the limits of what traditional infrastructure can offer. The results: Productivity and innovation suffer while IT costs and complexity skyrocket.

You’re not alone. Most enterprises are heavily invested in proprietary virtualization technologies. But to compete in the globalized 21st century, you need elastic, massively scalable capabilities in compute, networks, and storage. You must create next-generation infrastructure to end vendor lock-in and reduce costs. The answer is a private IaaS cloud from Red Hat.


When everything works together, you can concentrate on making your business better

  • On-demand services

    Get self-service with policy-based management.

  • Efficient resource management

    Allocate resources based on business needs.

  • Unified management

    Boost efficiency and visibility with a single management interface, even across hybrid environments.

  • Interoperable systems and portable applications

    Support heterogeneous physical, virtual, and cloud platforms.

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Why private cloud?

Unlike a public cloud, a private cloud is for a single organization. You implement it behind your corporate firewall under IT’s control. A private cloud is great for speeding innovation, handling large compute and storage needs, and securing data. Build a private cloud today with our award-winning cloud management platform, optional software-based storage platform, and low-cost, high-performance virtualization technology.

Product details

Leave your options open with a flexible cloud model

Imagine everything in your infrastructure working together efficiently. Systems scale as needed. Management is simplified. Business users get what they need when they need it, securely. And you stay open to future innovation. Red Hat’s private cloud solution makes it all possible by turning your IT organization into a source of innovation.

Innovative capabilities build better clouds

Our private cloud products let you build, broker, and automate services at significant scale:

  • Red Hat CloudForms is a cloud management platform that manages across disparate virtual and physical systems to incorporate existing investments—all through 1 management interface.
  • Red Hat OpenStack Platform lets IT create high-performance, cloud-enabled apps with advanced virtualization technology and software-based storage.
  • Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure is an award-winning IaaS solution that lets you deploy any combination of its fully integrated components: Red Hat OpenStack Platform, Red Hat Virtualization, and Red Hat CloudForms.

Get IT services to the business faster

If business users can’t get what they need quickly from corporate IT, they’ll turn to unapproved services. This shadow IT increases costs, complexity, and risk. Automated provisioning through Red Hat cloud technology makes IT service delivery more efficient—speeding innovation and reducing the need for shadow IT.

Tame IT complexity and upgrade efficiency

If you’ve amassed lots of different, segregated systems, applications, and workloads, you know how hard it is to integrate and get visibility into all of them, and ease management. Our private cloud solution lets you:

  • View and understand capacity, allocation, and usage trends across compute, network, and storage resources—regionally and globally—from 1 interface.
  • Write rules governing your environment.
  • Determine what kind of resources you should use and where to allocate them.
  • Manage, plan, and optimize capacity.
  • Audit usage and report it to the CIO.
  • Granularly control workload resources, configurations, capacity, and usage levels.
  • Troubleshoot problems and identify the root causes to minimize downtime.
  • Burst into the public cloud if needed.
  • Manage and access elastic, massively scalable, self-adapting infrastructure.

Do more for less

A private cloud with Red Hat can reduce operational expenses by helping you speed IT service delivery, manage your cloud more efficiently, use infrastructure investments you've already made, introduce cost-effective alternative resources, and reduce shadow IT. It also helps alleviate high IT spending by letting you:

  • Buy less hardware while increasing the number and performance of your virtual machines (VMs).
  • Make IT spending predictable through a subscription model.
  • Pool computing resources for data modeling, big data, or software-defined networking.
  • Reallocate human resources to manage innovation rather than the environment.
  • Automatically see unused and over- or under-allocated resources so you can take action.
  • Automatically place new workloads on lower-cost infrastructure via rules.

Services and support

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Invest in your or your team's skills

Our training courses are hands-on and role-based. This means students stay at their keyboards for up to 80% of a course, boosting the retention of skills they'll use every day. We offer several convenient ways to train and save, with training facilities around the world. Visit our student center to learn more, or read some training success stories.

Red Hat Gluster Storage Administration (RH236)

Learn how to install, configure, and maintain a cluster of Red Hat Storage servers.

Red Hat Enterprise Clustering and Storage Management (RH436)

Learn how to deploy and manage shared storage and server clusters that provide highly available network services to an enterprise environment.

Red Hat CloudForms Hybrid Cloud Management (CL220)

Learn how to perform an initial configuration and setup of Red Hat CloudForms.

Red Hat Virtualization (RH318)

Learn how to use the virtualization features of Red Hat Enterprise Linux managed through the Red Hat Virtualization suite.

Red Hat OpenStack Administration (CL210)

Install, configure, and maintain a cloud computing environment using Red Hat OpenStack Platform.

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Have what it takes? Prove it.

Employers notice Red Hat certifications. They know that to become Red Hat Certified Professionals, candidates must complete real-world tasks using our technologies—not just answer questions about them. Build your career by getting certified. We offer multiple exam locations and ways to train.

Red Hat Certified Specialist in High Availability Clustering

Manage Red Hat Enterprise Linux deployments.

Red Hat Certified Specialist in Gluster Storage Administration

Deploy scalable, highly available storage on off-the-shelf hardware and in the cloud.

Red Hat Certified Specialist in Virtualization

Deploy and manage virtualization infrastructure, hosts, and guests using Red Hat Virtualization.

Red Hat Certified System Administrator in Red Hat OpenStack

Create, configure, and manage private clouds using Red Hat OpenStack Platform.

Red Hat Certified Specialist in OpenShift Administration

Create, configure, and manage a cloud application platform using Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform.

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Rely on the experts

Let Red Hat Consulting help you simplify IT complexity and boost efficiency. We offer flexible engagement models to help meet your IT goals. Have unallocated end-of-year budget? Consider using Consulting Units to secure resources you'll need in the upcoming year—without committing to a specific topic up front.

Red Hat Open IaaS Architecture Service

Design, launch, and manage your IaaS cloud solution for the best IT efficiency, responsiveness, and flexibility.

Cloud and virtualization engagement

Ensure your cloud platform is set up to support your long-term cloud computing goals.

Enterprise data and storage engagement

Define strategies for all aspects of enterprise data and storage, including security, performance, and access.

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