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By Jeff Jameson, Sr. Principal Product Marketing Manager, Red Hat

On Tuesday the 25th, the OpenStack Foundation announced the session agenda for this Spring's Summit in Atlanta. With several hundred sessions submitted to the foundation, I am pleased to announce that Red Hat has 20 sessions successfully accepted to be included in the weeks agenda.

Considering the nature of acceptance for each submitted session, it is quite inspiring to see so many Red Hat sessions were voted on – providing the confirmation that Red Hat is focusing efforts on the projects and discussions that are important to the community.

In addition to these 20 sessions throughout the week, Red Hat will also have a dedicated track for the full day on Monday May 12th from 11:15am to 6:10pm, in room B312. Here, you'll be able to learn more about the specific efforts Red Hat is making around our commercially supported OpenStack products and joint partner solutions. We'll be posting that full day agenda soon.

To learn more about Red Hat's accepted sessions, have a look at the details below. We're excited about this Spring's Summit and look forward to seeing you in Atlanta!

Red Hat OpenStack Summit sessions:

Introduction to OpenStack Orchestration
In this session you will learn how the Orchestration capabilities of OpenStack, provided by the Heat project, can help make the deployment and management of your cloud workloads simpler and more robust by allowing you to represent infrastructure as code...
Monday 11:15-11:55am
Steven Hardy, Sr. Software Engineer, Red Hat
Zane Bitter, Sr. Software Engineer, Red Hat

The Future of OpenStack Networking (Panel)
This panel will bring together a group of industry and thought leaders to look back on where OpenStack Neutron has gone and discuss how networking can evolve in the future...
Monday 11:15-11:55am
Chris Wright, Technical Director SDN, Red Hat (panelist)
Lew Tucker, VP & CTO Cloud Computing, Cisco (panelist)
Kyle Mestery, Principal Engineer Neutron Core, Cisco (panelist)
Dan Dumitriu, CEO, Midkura (panelist)

Scaling Out OpenStack Clouds in the Enterprise (Panel)
This Panel discussion will focus specifically on scale-out deployment of OpenStack in the enterprises. The Panel members will discuss their experience deploying and managing scale-out OpenStack data center environments. The panel will also discuss current operational challenges and where there are opportunities for OpenStack to improve...
Monday 11:15-11:55am
Jan Mark Holzer, CTO Office, Red Hat (panelist)

OpenStack Security Group (OSSG): An Update on our progress and plans
Originally organized in Fall 2012, the OpenStack Security Group (OSSG) now fills many critical security roles within the OpenStack Community. From assisting the Vulnerability Management Team (VMT) to consulting with projects about security best practices and testing technique, the OSSG has kept very busy. This talk will highlight the group’s recent work and set the direction for future work. Anyone interested in OpenStack security should attend...
Monday 11:15am-11:55am
Nathan Kinder, Software Engineering Manager, Red Hat
Robert Clark, Principal Software Engineer, Red Hat
Bryan Payne, Dir. Security Research, Nebula

The state of OpenStack Data Processing: Sahara (previously Savanna), now and in Juno
In this talk, we will provide an overview of project Savanna, its main goals and focus, and a tour of new features introduced in the Icehouse cycle. These features include: integration with Heat, basic API tests in Tempest, enabled asynchronous gate, and bunch of new Elastic Data Processing (EDP) features...
Monday 2:00-2:40pm
Matthew Farralee, Principal Software Engineer, Red Hat
Sergey Lukjanov, Principal Software Engineer, Mirantis
John Speidel, Technical Staff, HortonWorks

Using OpenDaylight Within An OpenStack Environment
OpenDaylight is an open platform for network programmability to enable SDN and create a solid foundation for NFV for networks at any size and scale. OpenDaylight is licensed under the Eclipse Public License, and recently had its first release, code-named Hydrogen. The OpenDaylight and OpenStack Neutron teams have collaborated to integrate the two projects such that OpenDaylight can provide virtual tenant networking for OpenStack tenants. This talk will show you how to use OpenDaylight with OpenStack, including setup and debug of the environment...
Monday 2:50-3:30pm
Brent Salisbury, Sr. Software Engineer, Red Hat
Madhu Venguopal, Sr. Principal Engineer, Red Hat
Kyle Mestery, Principal Engineer, Cisco
Dave Meyer, CTO and Chief Architect, OpenDaylight

Divide and Conquer: Resource Segregation in the OpenStack Cloud
As a cloud deployment grows both in size and in variety of workloads it is useful to be able to segregate compute resources based on factors such as physical location, networking connections, or the availability of specialized hardware. OpenStack provides a number of options for segregating compute resources in the cloud...
Monday 2:50-3:30pm
Steve Gordon, Technical Product Manager, Red Hat

Customizing Horizon without breaking on upgrades
In probably most cases, when Horizon, the OpenStack Dashboard is installed, it's desired to change it's look and feel to meet the corporate look and feel." In many installations, software is deployed via software packages. When updating or upgrading software via distribution packages, in almost all cases changes applied to files installed will become overwritten. In this session, we'll show, how to achieve both, changes and not to break due package updates or even upgrades...
Monday 4:40-5:20pm
Matthias Runge, Software Engineer, Red Hat

Technical Deep Dive: Big Data computations using Elastic Data Processing in OpenStack Cloud
This presentation takes an in-depth look at Savanna’s EDP facilities. Since Savanna’s initial release, this key feature has been hardened and expanded to support streaming MapReduce and Java workflows, operation over private Neutron networks and execution on transient clusters...
Tuesday 2:00-2:40pm
Trevor McKay, Sr. Software Engineer, Red Hat
Alexander Ignatov, Mirantis
Sergey Lukjanov, Mirantis

Nova's March Towards Live Upgrade Capability
In large deployments, some piece of Nova is deployed almost everywhere. Until recently, the story for how you upgrade to using a newer version of this fast-paced project has been turn off the cloud" -- an unacceptable answer for something that aims to be deployed at a scale large enough to make such a plan unfeasible...
Tuesday 2:00-2:40pm
Dan Smith, Principal Software Engineer, Red Hat

Implementation and Lessons Learned from Building a Large Scale Cloud (Massachusetts Open Cloud (MOC)
The Massachusetts Open Cloud (MOC) will be a public cloud based on a new model that allows many companies and institutions to participate in its implementation and operation. MOC is bringing multiple vendors together within a single infrastructure, hence fostering collaboration and interoperability amongst them. Several industry partners have joined the effort and been instrumental in the initial implementation of MOC...
Tuesday 2:50-3:30pm
Brent Holden, Chief Field Architect, Red Hat
Jan Mark Holzer, CTO Office, Red Hat

Application software configuration using Heat
Until the Icehouse release of Heat, configuring software on orchestrated compute resources has required a cumbersome combination of declarative configuration, shell scripts and wait conditions. Heat now has a flexible mechanism to configure software throughout the life-cycle of compute resources. It is also now possible to integrate with software configuration tools such as Puppet or Chef, allowing configuration to be represented in a number of different ways...
Tuesday 3:40-4:20pm
Steve Baker, Sr. Software Engineer, Red Hat

Extending TripleO for OpenStack Infrastructure Management
Operational awareness and value for cloud operators has largely been ignored by the OpenStack community. Today with the maturity of TripleO and inclusion of Tuskar, we can now begin to think about TripleO's use as a vehicle for OpenStack infrastructure management...
Wednesday 11:00-11:40am
Keith Basil, Principal Product Manager, Red Hat

Breaking the Mold with OpenStack Swift and GlusterFS
Red Hat uses OpenStack Swift as the object storage interface to GlusterFS. Instead of reimplementing the Swift API, Red Hat is participating in the OpenStack Swift community to ensure that GlusterFS can take full advantage of the latest Swift features. This is absolutely the right way to pair Swift with another storage system: use the existing functionality in Swift and contribute back to community where additional functionality is needed. This talk from their respective project leads will show how Swift and GlusterFS work together to take advantage of the best each system has to offer...
Wednesday 2:40-3:20pm
Luis Pabon, Principal Software Engineer, Red Hat
John Dickinson, PTL OpenStack Object Storage, SwiftStack

User Experience in the OpenStack Community (to be posted on schedule)
How has the OpenStack User Experience (UX) group been contributing to the OpenStack Community over the past year? In this session, you’ll learn how designers are helping to shape features in OpenStack and verifying that feature designs are meeting target end users needs. See the progress being made by designers working on OpenStack...
Wednesday 3:30-4:10pm
Liz Blanchard, Sr. Software Engineer, Red Hat
Ju Lim, Technical Staff, Red Hat
Piet Kruithof, HP
Jacki Bauer, Rackspace

OpenStack :: Where Continuous Delivery and Distros Collide
Attendees can hope to learn some more about OpenStack and some of the challenges in running an open-source project, building a distro or maintaining a public cloud. Beyond OpenStack, however, the talk should provide some more general food for thought around the agile development methodologies used by many application developers today versus the methodologies used by open-source projects today...
Wednesday 4:30-5:10pm
Mark McLoughlin, Consulting Engineer, Red Hat
Monty Taylor, Distinguished Engineer, HP

Automation, orchestration, confusion? Taking the discussion up the stack (Panel)
Once you've got your OpenStack infrastructure in place, automating and managing application deployment is your next challenge to tackle. In this panel, we'll discuss the tools, approaches and frameworks available for OpenStack based application deployment today...
Wednesday 5:20-6:00pm
Steve Baker, Sr. Software Engineer, Red Hat (panelist)
Hastexo, Mirantis, Rackspace (panelists)

Getting Started with OpenStack (Hands-on Workshop)
OpenStack continues to grow exponentially as the de facto standard for open source Cloud platforms. But how can someone quickly get started with learning this exciting new technology? This workshop will walk participants through an overview of the OpenStack components and offer practical suggestions and resources for learning OpenStack...
Thursday 9:00-10:30am
Dan Radez, Sr. Software Engineer, Red Hat
Niki Acosta, Cloud Evangelista, Rackspace
Kenneth Hui, Open Cloud Architect, Rackspace

Designate: Interactive Workshop - Install and operate (Hands-on Workshop)
This interactive workshop will guide attendees on how Designate can be installed with PowerDNS. For the purposes of the workshop the various designate components will be installed on a single node. Once installed it shows some of the V1 and V2 APIs for domain and record management. The workshop will conclude by using a tool like dig to retrieve the added records from the PowerDNS backend, showing a fully functional by-hand deployment...
Thursday 1:30-3:00pm
Rich Megginson, Software Engineer, Red Hat
HP, Rackspace, eBay engineers

The Massachusetts Open Cloud (MOC) a new model to operate and innovate in a vendor neutral cloud
The Massachusetts Open Cloud (MOC) is a new, non-profit public cloud being created in Massachusetts. It will be the product of collaboration between the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, five large research universities (MIT, Harvard, BU, NE, and UMass), and an array of private sector partners...
Thursday 4:10-4:50pm
Jan Mark Holzer, CTO Office, Red Hat
James Cuff, Asst. Dean, Research Computing, Harvard
Orran Kreiger, Dir. Cloud Computing, Boston University










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