It's not always easy to keep up with everything that's going on at Red Hat. That's why we're introducing Red Hat Weekly News, a one-stop shop to check in on the latest news from Red Hat as published across our newsroom, blogs, podcasts, videos, customer portal and much more.

As the world's enterprise open source leader we stay busy providing the products, services and support that our customers depend on. And we stay active upstream, working to fuel innovation that will power tomorrow's enterprise. It's a lot to follow. 

Introducing Red Hat Weekly News

We also do our best to communicate what we're doing and what's important. That includes showing you how to use our products and services, informing you about important updates and sharing industry analyses to help you understand the technologies that can solve business problems today. 

To that end, we've been working on Red Hat Weekly News. We'll highlight announcements, howtos, videos, resources, podcasts and other information that can help you stay current on all things Red Hat. 

As the name implies, we'll be publishing a new issue each Tuesday morning. Make sure to bookmark Red Hat Weekly News and check back every week to keep in touch with the latest from Red Hat. 

We'll be iterating on the format and content to get just the right mix, so check in weekly for the latest. If you have thoughts on how we can improve, hit us up on social media and drop a comment to @redhat on Twitter or drop us a comment on LinkedIn

About the author

Joe Brockmeier is the editorial director of the Red Hat Blog. He also acts as Vice President of Marketing & Publicity for the Apache Software Foundation.

Brockmeier joined Red Hat in 2013 as part of the Open Source and Standards (OSAS) group, now the Open Source Program Office (OSPO). Prior to Red Hat, Brockmeier worked for Citrix on the Apache OpenStack project, and was the first OpenSUSE community manager for Novell between 2008-2010. 

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