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What's the average age of a Linux sysadmin?

This poll attempts to answer a question posed by one of our community members
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How old are you?

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There's probably no question that causes some people as much anxiety as the "How old are you?" query. Age can be used in many ways—some negative and some positive. Our poll question came from a community member—one of you. It's a good question. What is the average age of an Enable Sysadmin reader? Do you have any guesses? The poll is open and non-identifying, which means that everyone can see the results but no individual participant can be identified from the poll results.

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I'm not great at guessing someone's age. I've seen carnival attractions where there is an attempt to guess people's ages and weights. I've never participated in those but I've watched and the results are mixed. Most people I've observed who participate just laugh about it and go on to their fried food on a stick and giant lemonades.

I think it will be interesting to see what the age range of our sysadmin readers is. I don't expect to draw any significant conclusions from the information. But I think our community member who asked the question will be pleased to see your answers. Thank you for your participation. And, yes, I'm going to participate too.

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