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Ashraf Hassan

The Hague, Netherlands

I am Ashraf Hassan, originally from Egypt, but currently, I am living in the Netherlands I started my career in 1998 in the telecom industry, specifically the value-added services. Although my official studies were in the area of telecommunications, I was always attracted to system administration and scripting. I started to sharpen these skills in 2008, during my free time, I like to test new tips and tricks using my home lab. Working as a senior designer enriched my skills further. In 2016 I decided to start the journey to be an “RHCA” which I accomplished in 2019, but as IT is a fast-changing domain, I need to keep studying, testing and learning. In 2019 I joined Red Hat Accelerators once they expanded the program to include Europe; being a member of highly skilled technical experts helped me further. Please feel free to contact me ( regarding my posts or questions that can pop up related to any of Red Hat Products.

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