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Design professional enterprise architecture diagrams with this open source tool

Walk step-by-step through creating enterprise architecture diagrams like an expert in this DevConf workshop.
Architect tools for diagramming

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You can't underestimate the value of a good diagram if you're looking to share your ideas, architectures, and projects with your stakeholders. Diagramming is one of the most important tools for communicating your vision for cloud, storage, applications, or other enterprise architecture elements, so it makes sense for architects to become proficient at it.

You may already have heard of a few of the common architecture diagramming tools, such as (formerly known as, Lucidchart, Gliffy, and Visio. At the DevConf.US 2021 conference, I presented a workshop titled designing your best architectural diagrams.

The workshop, which is available online, walked attendees step-by-step through creating architecture diagrams like an expert. I used, an open source, online tool for creating diagrams, and Red Hat portfolio architecture design elements.

The presentation covers:

  • Opening and exploring the tooling in your favorite web browser
  • Exploring the provided asset libraries for drag-and-drop designing
  • Learning the three types of diagrams that make up a good design
  • Creating a simple logical diagram
  • Creating a simple schematic diagram
  • Creating a detailed diagram
  • Exporting diagrams and elements from a diagram
  • Learning design tips and tricks

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To access this information, watch the workshop's introductory video and access my slides, which contain links to seven labs on these topics. Each lab is independent, so you can focus on any topic without having to work through the other labs.

DevConf is a free, Red Hat-sponsored technology conference for community projects and professional contributors to free and open source technologies. Check out the conference schedule to find other presentations that interest you, and access the YouTube playlist to watch them on demand.

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