Secure Your Enterprise Software Supply Chain with Containers

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Container images will soon underpin all of our mission critical applications. Therefore, we must ensure that we are using the highest quality containers images at every stage of the development cycle on through to production. In this session, our team of experts from Red Hat, Black Duck and Sonatype will present a foundational understanding of managing container-based software supply chains and how to make them more secure. For example, attendees will learn how to ensure that what gets packaged, delivered, and deployed is of the highest quality -- including using secure configurations and avoiding use of known vulnerabilities in open source components. We will also discuss best practices for accelerating the remediation of security defects in containers that have already been deployed.

Attend this session and learn how to:
-Build and secure enterprise software supply chains with containers -Benefit from use of Red Hat and other open source technologies, including: public registry of trusted sources for container images (e.g., one hosted by Red Hat) and private registries that host certified container images (e.g., Red Hat® Satellite, Nexus Repository)
-How to scale and secure thousands of containers using Red Hat OpenShift or Red Hat Enterprise Linux Atomic Host
-Provide the ability to automatically patch and redeploy containers at run-time
This session is designed to help architects, developers and ops professionals to securely deliver containers for serious production workloads while dealing with the operational challenges of patching and deploying them at scale in an automated manner.

Lead: Scott McCarty; Co: Zohaib Khan, Derek Weeks (Sonatype), Karl Scholz (Black Duck)

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