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In this month’s customer success highlights, learn how three companies are making use of Red Hat OpenShift, Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform and Red Hat Satellite to save money, enhance customer experience and improve both uptime and security posture.

Bank Mandiri delivers digital banking with Red Hat OpenShift

Bank Mandiri, Indonesia’s largest bank by assets, provides a range of financial products and services to millions of customers, including small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), large corporations and government entities.

The bank was looking to continue enhancing its customer experience after introducing Livin’ by Mandiri, a retail mobile application that provides an integrated digital experience through which customers can open accounts, transfer funds, pay bills and more.

To achieve the responsiveness and stability necessary to support this all-in-one digital experience, the bank adopted Red Hat OpenShift to build a container-based foundation for microservices-based development and delivery approach.

Now, Bank Mandiri can deliver new features to more than 13 million users in less than 1 hour and maintain 99.95% uptime—even during peak demand—for multiple services across 11 subsidiaries.

Improved customer experience with convenient online processes and delivery of new features

Improved app performance and enhanced secure access to account information and services has significantly improved the bank's customer experience. For example, instead of having to make an in-person trip to a bank branch, customers can open a new account in only five minutes.

Enhanced request processing throughput with autoscaling

The Livin' by Mandiri services have high availability and stability due to the autoscaling capabilities provided by OpenShift. The app consists of more than 1,000 microservices supported by thousands of APIs, and has handled up to 12,000 requests per second during seasonal traffic spikes.

Maintained 99.95% uptime

The microservices are running on an enterprise container platform, allowing Bank Mandiri to quickly resolve any issues that arise in the production environment. The bank has also embraced DevSecOps practices that also increase stability for end users as new code is first deployed to a testing environment and inspected using automation tools. This helps identify and eliminate code issues well before they're deployed to the production environment.

Read more about Bank Mandiri's project in the full case study.

Siemens improves uptime and security with Red Hat OpenShift

Siemens is a multinational technology manufacturer focused on industry, infrastructure, transport and healthcare. The IT team at its Amberg Electronics Plant in Germany is tasked with exploring new ways to improve and optimize the production applications and systems in its three Digital Industries factories.

High performance and enhanced systems security are key to meeting production goals and protecting valuable company data, but the monolithic platform Siemens had been using to run several critical systems required downtime for large updates. As a result, Siemens sought to adopt a new, more responsive infrastructure platform.

The company adopted Red Hat OpenShift, replacing its monolithic approach with a modular, responsive, microservices-based architecture. Now, developers at Siemens can apply AI-generated data insights in smaller, iterative changes that avoid disrupting operations.

Several improvements have come out of this initiative.

Established continuous improvement approach to rapidly apply data insights

Enhanced data collection and analysis helps Siemens’ developers gain insight into current production system conditions and opportunities for ongoing improvement. Rather than being restricted to its previous twice-yearly system upgrades, teams are able to act on data insights more quickly to achieve better system performance.

Improved production system and data security with rolling patches and software management

In addition to more frequent, iterative performance improvements, Siemens can now complete similar updates to address potential security vulnerabilities and threats in its critical manufacturing systems.

Improved global cross-team collaboration

With a consistent foundation across environments—and support for a choice of tools and technologies—Siemens can run OpenShift on site or as a managed cloud service in a hyperscale cloud environment, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) or IBM Cloud.

You can read more about Siemens' achievements in the full case study.

Siemens improves uptime and security with Red Hat OpenShift

Tambla Workforce Solutions reduces delivery times, operating costs with Red Hat and Advent One

Tambla Workforce is an Australian enterprise human resources (HR) software company that supports large, shift-based workforces. With an aging IT system that was increasingly unreliable for its data processing-intensive payroll services, Tambla sought to migrate its systems to enterprise open source platform, automation and management solutions from Red Hat.

Tambla worked with Advent One to migrate its systems, and as a result, they saved months of migration effort and have seen some significant improvements in delivery costs and efficiency.

Reduced monthly payroll delivery costs

When using its previous system, Tambla invested close to AU$30,000 per month on outsourced staffing alone. Now, even with the investment in new hardware, software and services, Tambla's new monthly expense has been reduced to AU$10,000.

Improved management efficiency with automated processes and updates

Tambla and Advent One have automated a variety of routine processes to ensure high system performance as well as compliance with the latest industry IT security requirements. Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform has reduced human error in configuration-related processes and Red Hat Satellite deploys operating system updates to help Tambla take advantage of the latest innovations in Linux technology.

Achieved faster delivery of high-quality services

With migration to the new SAP environment completed in just two weeks, Tambla began transitioning its customer base months earlier. Now, the company can deliver higher-performance services to customers faster. 

For example, payroll processes that used to take six hours or longer can now be completed in under an hour. Customers also receive requested security-hardened test SAP environments in a day or less, where this process previously could take months.

Learn more about Tambla and Advent One's work in the full case study.

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We regularly publish case studies to help illustrate how our products and services can help organizations solve their problems and improve their environments. Visit our Red Hat Success Stories page and find out how Red Hat technologies can help you find success.


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