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An increasing number of organizations understand the importance of IT automation in staying competitive. Routine tasks can take up a large portion of an IT department’s time, so automating those tasks often makes good business sense. IT automation can help your teams to be more productive, reduce errors, improve collaboration and free up time that can instead be spent on creating solutions that push your business forward.

Whether you’re an expert, or you’re just starting out in your IT automation journey, here are 12 webinars that you can watch right now.

Beyond provisioning: A beginner's guide to automation 

This introductory webinar provides a high-level view of what you can do with IT automation, how to make the case for adoption and best practices for getting started. You'll also hear from field consultants and customers who have overcome common challenges.

Watch now - [expires October 5, 2023]

Automating the enterprise with Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform 

This training webinar shows you how to create a job workflow template (from scratch as well as from an existing template) in a simulated DevOps pipeline and what the approval and deployment process looks like using Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform.

Watch now[expires October 27, 2023]

Ansible Automation Platform: An introduction to easier automation 

This webinar will show you how Ansible Automation Platform helps organizations by automating tasks. You'll also get highlights of the new features in the latest version, and find out how Red Hat Training can help your IT team get up to speed quickly.

Watch now[expires March 23, 2023]

Building a resilient organization with IT automation 

This informative webinar discusses automation’s part in mitigating security threats, how adopting an end-to-end automation strategy can help organizations become more resilient, and how leaders are championing organization-wide IT automation.

Watch now [expires April 21, 2023]

Ask Me Anything: Ansible Automation Platform

Watch this two-part webinar series as Red Hat’s panel of IT automation experts talk about our offerings and share tips and techniques, as well as answer audience questions about the various use cases for Ansible Automation Platform.

Watch Part 1[expires April 12, 2023], Part 2[expires August 16, 2023]

Why cloud automation is important in a hybrid world 

This webinar goes over the current state of cloud automation, explains the challenges organizations face, discusses the important part automation plays in modernizing operations, and outlines the benefits of Ansible Automation Platform.

Watch now[expires June 28, 2023]

Scale automation more easily 

This webinar will tell you about the new capabilities of Ansible Automation Platform, and how it can help your organization simplify and optimize your ability to run automation at scale as your needs grow. 

Watch now[expires February 15, 2023]

Create new automation content more quickly and easily 

This webinar explains the new features in Ansible Automation Platform, how it can help IT teams create, access, and curate trusted and reliable automation content and the advantages of integration with Microsoft Visual Studio.

Watch now[expires February 8, 2023]

Automating network management at scale and at the edge 

In this webinar, learn how Ansible Automation Platform can be used across different domains to automate and integrate network and IT processes, understand the unique challenges involved, and discover how automation can be used to manage edge devices at scale.

Watch now[expires March 22, 2023]

Analyze and expand automation with hosted services

Learn from technical experts how to use Ansible Automation Platform hosted services to automate faster, how analytics can help you gain actionable insights and how to develop automation practices across your organization in this webinar.

Watch now[expires February 22, 2023]

Migrating to the next generation IT automation platform: Why now, how to get started, and what to expect 

Learn about the benefits of upgrading to Ansible Automation Platform 2, get insights on technical considerations, and find out what resources are available to you as you develop your migration strategy in this webinar.

Watch now[expires June 22, 2023]

Ansible Automation Platform 2: Technical introduction and migration considerations 

This webinar will introduce you to the technical aspects of Ansible Automation Platform 2, discuss the considerations as you plan your migration strategy, and how connecting to Red Hat Insights helps you to resolve operational, business and security issues.

Watch now - ​​​​​​​[expires September 30, 2023]

We hope you’ll take advantage of these informative webinars. To discover more, check out all of our events and webinars.

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