Earlier today, we announced the winners of the 2022 Red Hat Innovation Awards, recognizing our customers’ achievements with open source technology. Each year, we have many strong entries that showcase what innovative thinking, open culture, and transformative uses of Red Hat technology can do for business and society.

We’re excited to highlight an additional group of customers using open source technology to make waves in their respective industries - Grupo Logístico Andreani, the Department of Transport, Driver and Vehicle Computer Services Division Ireland, Secretaría de Innovación Argentina, and Tata Motors Limited.

Let’s take a closer look at this year’s honorable mentions.

Grupo Logístico Andreani

Grupo Logístico Andreani, a leading logistics company in Argentina, faced challenges in managing the distribution of critical products, including pharmaceuticals and basic necessities during the isolation periods of the COVID-19 pandemic. Using Microsoft Azure Red Hat OpenShift, Andreani standardized the carrier route for its logistics operators, which was essential to meet the 35% increase in demand. After only a month of development, Andreani was able to use Red Hat OpenShift to manage its services in both public and private cloud infrastructure, enabling the organization to dynamically move workloads across environments to meet demand. This solution has accelerated service delivery and improved the customer experience for the more than 300 clients, 5,000 users and 2 million recipients of products handled by Andreani.

Department of Transport Ireland, Driver and Vehicle Computer Services Division

Department of Transport Ireland, Driver Vehicle and Computer Services Division (DVCSD) set out to move away from a legacy architecture and toward a services-oriented, API-driven model to keep up with the 2.4 million registered vehicles and 2.65 million licensed drivers in Ireland. Working with Red Hat partner Version 1, DVCSD engaged Red Hat to develop a strategic roadmap to create a cross-datacenter solution that could support effective services to both the public and third parties who access database information. This new platform took advantage of Red Hat OpenShift, Red Hat 3scale API Management, and Red Hat’s single sign-on technology. When the COVID-19 pandemic triggered the need for an additional level of authentication for emergency payments in the National Vehicle and Driver File, DVCSD delivered a full end-to-end production integration in just four weeks - a timeframe that would not have been possible with legacy infrastructure.

Secretaría de Innovación Tecnológica del Sector Público

The Secretaría de Innovación Tecnológica del Sector Público's mission is to grant access to information and communication technology services, and promote public policies that enable agencies to simplify management, promote inclusion, and expand access to services. In 2019, the Argentine government launched the Federal Digitalization Plan, establishing a digital transformation strategy based on open source solutions for government agencies. Having already invested in Red Hat OpenShift, the Secretaría worked with Red Hat Consulting and Red Hat training and certification to create a modular system that enables Argentina's decentralized agencies and local governments to manage their systems with consistency and transparency. Over 100 different agencies now have the virtual support they need to provide services to their citizens.

Tata Motors Limited

Tata Motors Limited (TML) is a leading global manufacturer of cars, utility vehicles, pick-ups, trucks, and buses. When its system of record (SOR) could not keep up with the growing expectations of digital solutions, it turned to Red Hat to lay the foundation for delivery of new services. TML turned to Red Hat OpenShift, Red Hat 3scale API Management, Red Hat Fuse, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and Red Hat AMQ to lay the groundwork for improved processes and agile delivery of new services. This new open source, containerized architecture allows TML to speed up critical processes, improve integration, and enhance security. API-driven transactions have risen from 20% to 95%, while providing better security when dealing with third-party aggregator services.

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