Replace your patchwork automation—with a strategic platform

You’ve got big plans for automation—but without a unified, supported platform, scaling your business can be a serious challenge. Red Hat® Ansible® Automation Platform gives you the automation tools you need to gain efficiency, boost agility, ensure stability, and free up time to do more high-impact work.

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Mission-critical automation that scales with your ambitions

Upstream Ansible works well for automating single domains or individual workloads. But when you want to scale automation across your organization, you need Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform. It delivers trusted capabilities for enterprise automators, such as:

  • Event-Driven Ansible, which monitors conditions in your environment, determines the appropriate response, and executes actions automatically.
  • New generative AI capabilities that produce code recommendations built on Ansible best practices, expanding who can create automation content.
  • 140+ certified collections (including modules, roles, plugins, playbooks, and documentation) to help you integrate with specific Red Hat or partner platforms. 
  • And many more product features that help you create and share mission-critical automation, manage and measure its performance, and scale up and out to achieve your goals.

Learn how Ansible Automation Platform offers more for your enterprise. Video duration: 2:30.

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