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Ansible development tools

Create, test, and deploy Ansible content in your IT environment.

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Ansible® development tools are an integrated and supported suite of capabilities that are part of every Red Hat® Ansible Automation Platform subscription. They help IT practitioners at any skill level accurately create automation content faster than with manual coding—building, testing, and deploying modules and playbooks without requiring hard coding skills.

A video tour of Ansible Automation Platform 2. Video duration: 8:30. Content tools (now named Ansible development tools) section begins at 2:48.

Features and benefits

Ansible Molecule

Ansible Molecule creates test environments that mimic real ones, allowing you to test playbooks, roles, and collections across multiple instances, operating systems, virtualization providers, and more.

Ansible lint

Ansible lint analyzes your playbooks, roles, and collections—looking at the markup syntax and how you're using the modules. It goes beyond regular YAML linters by checking Ansible tasks themselves.

Execution environment builder

Execution environment builder removes the risk of dependency issues when creating automation content by installing your collections and all their dependencies in a containerized image (known as an execution environment).

Content testing suite

Content testing suite can run checks to enforce coding standards and requirements, unit tests against Ansible modules, and integration tests to ensure workflows connect to your source code repositories.

Automation content navigator

Automation content navigator reviews and explores collections, configurations, documentation, images, inventories, and playbooks. Watch jobs, share playbooks, browse execution environments and inventories, extract reusable examples, and more.

Ansible content development kit

The Ansible content development kit (CDK)—expected for release in 2024—is a bundled collection of tools that expands Ansible content creation from IT practitioners performing manual tasks to self-enabled automation content developers.

Frequently asked questions

What is an Ansible content creator?

Ansible content creators (or automation developers) are typically domain experts who create Ansible content to offload repetitive tasks in a repeatable, consistent way. Through automation, they apply their specialized knowledge and experience to improve not just their own productivity and efficiency, but that of their entire organization.

How do I access Ansible development tools?

You can download the bundled installer from our customer portal or subscribe to the Ansible Automation Platform repos for access to the supported packages.

Are Ansible development tools supported?

With the exception of Ansible Molecule—which is currently in developer preview—yes. Unlike unsupported community projects, Red Hat support is essential for enterprise production environments and assists with installation, debugging, upgrades, configurations, and content tool integration with Red Hat Enterprise Linux®.

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Interactive lab

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Developer hub

Ansible Automation Platform Developer Hub

The Red Hat Developer Hub provides exclusive, curated resources to help even novice IT practitioners accelerate their path to becoming experienced automation developers.

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