Self-managed Google cloud

Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform available from Google Cloud Marketplace

Red Hat® Ansible® Automation Platform available from the Google Cloud Marketplace offers all the benefits of Ansible automation, deployed on your Google Cloud. This self-managed application is supported by Red Hat and provides the tools you need to deploy enterprise-wide automation. It also integrates with native Google Cloud services and the full Ansible collection for Google Cloud, co-developed and security tested by Google and Red Hat. Start automating with minimal set up—and maximum flexibility.

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Ansible Automation Platform is available via Google Cloud Marketplace

Automate any application, anywhere—from your Google Cloud

We support you along the way

With Ansible Automation Platform available from the Google Cloud Marketplace, you gain the flexibility to scale your business—wherever it is. So whether it’s on-premise, a regional footprint, a global enterprise network, or your farthest edge nodes, you can deploy Ansible Automation Platform via the Google Cloud Marketplace to automate the management of your IT resources. It’s automation at hybrid cloud scale.

Features and benefits

Runs on your cloud

Deploy and run the Ansible Automation Platform self-managed application on your Google Cloud, then extend your automation to private clouds, on-premise datacenters, edge locations, and hybrid cloud environments—wherever you do business.

Integrates with Google services

You get the complete Ansible Automation Platform, including the full Ansible collection for Google Cloud, as well as integration with Google Cloud services such as Google Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), security groups, load balancers, Google Compute, and instance groups.

Supported by Red Hat

Red Hat supports the offering at the Premium Support level, meaning that customers have unlimited 24x7 access to our global network of experienced technical support engineers. Google Cloud supports your cloud infrastructure.

Counts toward spend agreements with integrated Google billing

Integrated billing means one bill—and full visibility into cost. If you have a spend agreement with Google, all Ansible purchases count toward that amount.

Offers flexibility and speed

Ansible Automation Platform available via Google Cloud Marketplace combines the power of cloud computing with the convenience of pre-integrated services. You can get started quickly and efficiently with a consolidated procurement process and streamlined deployment.

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