Orchestration with Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform

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Red Hat® Ansible® Automation Platform comes with prebuilt orchestration capabilities to organize automation tasks across all kinds of applications, platforms, and providers—helping you arrange automation tasks (and tools) in specific ways to achieve particular results.

Features and benefits

Better than the basics

Ansible Automation Platform doesn’t just manage configurations or deploy applications—it’s a workflow engine that runs lots of different systems in concert.

Top-level orchestration

Orchestration capabilities come built into every Ansible Automation Platform instance, which lets you package other tools, platforms, or cloud instances and organize or automate them.

Perfect for clouds

Ansible Automation Platform is used by Rackspace, CSC, HP, Cisco, and IBM to orchestrate OpenStack® rollouts. More than 135 Red Hat Ansible Certified Content Collections provide true interoperability and support for use cases across vendors and clouds.

Automation controller

Delegate complex orchestrations to whomever needs it with a user interface, RESTful application programming interface, role-based access control (RBAC), workflows, and continuous integration and continuous delivery integrations.

Single syntax

Admins don’t need to remember multiple syntaxes thanks to Ansible Automation Platform’s library of modules. Use the native YAML syntax to orchestrate different conductors in different environments.

Task ordering

Ansible Automation Platform’s clear syntax and task-based nature help execute automation efforts from different providers in the right order and with proper caveats.

IDC report: Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform delivers business value

According to IDC research, organizations who standardize operations with Ansible Automation Platform significantly improve IT operational efficiency, speed, and scalability—realizing benefits worth an annual average of US$14.81 million and earning a 668% three-year ROI.

Customer success stories

Datacom logo

Datacom, New Zealand’s largest managed IT services organization, uses Ansible Automation Platform to orchestrate its automation efforts.

Swisscom logo

Swisscom used Ansible Automation Platform to automate around 15,000 components, including servers, firewalls, network devices, and storage devices.

British Army logo

The British Army’s Information Application Services Branch used Ansible Automation Platform to orchestrate its new software-defined datacenter.

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