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Red Hat® Ansible® Automation Platform uses playbooks, local directory services, consolidated logs, and external apps to integrate IT security teams and automate their security solutions—investigating and responding to threats in a coordinated, unified way.

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Features and benefits

Investigation enrichment

Collect logs across firewalls, intrusion detection systems (IDS), and other security systems programmatically, providing more diverse data to triage activities performed through security information and event management (SIEM) systems.

Threat hunting

Detect more threats in less time by automatically configuring enterprise firewalls to send events and logs to a central database, where security analysts can correlate data and determine how to respond.

Incident response

Collect and analyze historical security events from a wide variety of event and contextual data sources; and respond to new threats faster by automating blacklists, whitelists, and suspicious workloads.

Common language for translation

Give your triage systems more information by collecting logs across firewalls, IDS, and endpoint protection platforms.

Privileged access management

Streamline the rotation and management of privileged credentials to automate the prevention and remediation of high-risk activities.

Team integration

Chain workflows for modular reusability, support local directory services and access controls, and integrate external apps using application programming interfaces.

IDC report: Ansible Automation Platform delivers business value

According to IDC research, organizations who standardize operations with Ansible Automation Platform realize benefits worth an annual average of US$14.81 million and a 668% three-year ROI—and reduce the time spent on security activites by 27%.

Customer success stories

Agile Defense logo

Agile Defense built a custom tool on Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform to help customers within the U.S. Department of Defense keep their systems more secure and compliant.

Zoom logo

To help meet stringent security requirements, Zoom uses Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform—along with our security technical implementation guides—to deploy Zoom for Government.

Siemens logo

To simplify and better automate its public key infrastructure environment, Siemens replaced its legacy automation solution with Red Hat Ansible Automation.

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