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Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform features and benefits

Bring teams together. Automate in concert.

Teams need a single automation solution that spans where automation lives. Red Hat® Ansible® Automation Platform makes it easy to share automation across teams. It provides everything they need to create, execute, and manage automation in a single subscription.

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Who uses Ansible Automation Platform?

Automation teams need to quickly provide reliable automation where and when the business needs it. In many organizations these roles may not be dedicated to a person or team, some operations team members may serve in multiple roles.

Automation architects

Automation architects elevate automation across teams to align with IT processes and streamline adoption. IT managers and architects can more easily expand automation across the enterprise, while managing automation policy and governance with automation services catalog and getting real-time reporting across the entire stack with Red Hat Insights for Ansible Automation Platform.

Automation developers

Automation developers create Ansible playbooks, roles, and modules. Developers retain the freedom to build, without the operational overhead of maintaining many tools and frameworks. Execution environments deliver a consistent container-like experience for building and scaling automation, with new tooling included to help build and manage them. There are over 100 Ansible Content Collections that offer pre-built automation content, with solutions available for nearly every use case.

Automation admins and operations teams

Automation admins and operations teams ensure the automation platform and framework are operational. Administrators and operators have powerful tools in the automation controller and automation hub to manage and share automation projects more efficiently, with a common language and broadly accessible mix of command line interfaces (CLIs), graphical user interfaces (GUIs), and text-based user interfaces (TUI) across endpoints.

Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform components

Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform

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