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Managing hybrid and multicloud environments can be challenging for even the best managed IT businesses. Red Hat and Google Cloud offer flexible, proven, and innovative hybrid solutions—without all the complexity.

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Scale your hybrid cloud strategy with the right tools

As cloud technology continues to evolve, the opportunities to gain a competitive edge with your cloud environments can mean the difference between taking the lead as an IT innovator or falling behind. Red Hat on Google Cloud helps deliver a fully-managed container environment service to simplify deployment and operations with a trusted, compliant cloud environment. Gain a competitive edge with solutions that work with your customers in mind.


Discover the full value of our partnership

Explore all the ways Red Hat and Google can impact your business and technology needs. Whether you’re looking for solutions that can speed up the cloud migration process, manage key applications, automate your IT infrastructure, or support other crucial functions of your organization, you’ll receive the benefits of our many tools, including the ability to:

Optimize IT Productivity

We provide a consistent platform that lets you use the same set of management tools across all cloud environments, saving time and effort, and reducing the need for training staff on unique tooling and processes. With enterprise-level support, you’ll have all the resources needed to maximize productivity, security, and operations.

Enhance security

Red Hat Enterprise Linux on Google Cloud gives you a compliance-focused foundation and infrastructure with intelligent security features that help defend data and applications against threats. Built-in operating security features like live kernel patching, security profiles, security standards certification, and a trusted software supply chain help you meet today’s high security and compliance expectations.

Speed up key processes with automation

With Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform, customers can automate everything they need, including the manual provisioning process, infrastructure, cloud, network, and security to increase speed. With automation, your business can reduce human error and ensure consistency throughout the cloud migration journey. 

Deploy applications faster

Red Hat OpenShift on Google Cloud provides teams full-stack and automated operations on a Kubernetes platform that remains consistent across infrastructures, applications, and a software and hardware ecosystem. This provides DevSecOps with existing infrastructure, tools, and services to get applications to production in less time. Our solutions give your team a wide range of technologies to streamline workflow.

Streamline your environment

Deliver a streamlined hybrid cloud experience and add new capabilities via integrations between Red Hat and Google Cloud products and services. Control costs through efficient cloud pricing, right-sizing tools, optimized virtual machine types, and unified operations and management.

Deploy advanced analytics

Red Hat and Google Cloud provide an open foundation and innovative AI and machine learning (ML) services to help you deliver real, data-driven business outcomes. Rapidly build, train, and deploy AI/ML models across datacenter and cloud infrastructure, modernize development of intelligent, AI/ML-based applications, and more.

Icon-Red_Hat-Media_and_documents-Quotemark_Open-B-Red-RGB Red Hat has been the trusted centerpiece in our transformation to a composable IT architecture.

Steen Kronborg

Chief Enterprise Architect, Salling Group

Find the right mix for you

See how our platforms work together to deliver what you need, when you need it.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® on Google Cloud provides a consistent foundation for the enterprise hybrid cloud and a reliable, high-performance operating environment for applications and cloud infrastructure.

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Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP Solutions on Google Cloud

A high-performance platform for database operations that includes SAP-specific content and features and allows organizations to deploy SAP across hybrid cloud environments. Red Hat Enterprise Linux is one of only two Linux distributions certified for use with SAP HANA® and SAP S/4HANA®.

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Manage cloud-native applications with ease

An enterprise-ready application platform built for open hybrid cloud and multicloud strategies and innovation. It provides a consistent foundation for building, deploying, managing, and scaling applications across on-site, hybrid cloud, multicloud, and edge environments.

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Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated on Google Cloud

A fully managed Kubernetes container platform service for building and scaling containerized applications, managed by Red Hat and hosted on Google Cloud. As the original designer of Kubernetes, Google Cloud continues to be top a contributor to the open source project, alongside Red Hat.

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Automate any application, anywhere

This self-managed application allows you to extend your automation to private clouds, on-premise datacenters, edge locations, and hybrid cloud environments—wherever you do business.

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Customer insights

See how we’ve helped customers like you achieve their goals using Red Hat and Google Cloud.

Salling Group
Accelerating scale with Red Hat on Google Cloud

Find out how this Denmark-based company improved operational efficiency, and reduced time-to-market for new nodes and new clusters.

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