What happens when you give high school students root access to their laptops?

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For Melanie Shimano and Charlie Reisinger, open source is a way to empower students far beyond their school years.
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Penn Manor

Penn Manor

High School

Penn Manor is a high school located in the Penn Manor school district of Millersville, Pennsylvania. In 2013, the school began to offer all full-time high school students a Linux laptop as part of a 1:1 open source laptop program.

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Charlie Reisinger

Charlie Reisinger

IT director, Penn Manor school district

Charlie Reisinger is an advocate for open source values in education. His first book, The Open Schoolhouse, chronicles over 15 years of open source learning programs. He helped start a 1:1 open source laptop program—a program that gives all full-time high school students a Linux laptop.

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