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Today at the Gartner Portals, Content and Collaboration Conference, Red Hat is announcing that the JBoss Community Portal project has formed a strategic partnership with eXo, producers of the eXo Portal. eXo has been developing portal, content and collaboration solutions since 2003 and was recently named a Cool Vendor in Content Management, 2009 by Gartner.

eXo will be contributing its portal project to a new joint open source project sponsored in the JBoss Community. The new combined project will leverage the best elements and technologies from the existing JBoss Portal and eXo Portal projects. Red Hat will continue to focus it’s JBoss Community Portal resources on high performance infrastructure and containers, security and rich application integration, while eXo will be contributing and continuing to evolve their excellent user interface and administration features. This unique collaboration will combine two very complimentary open source efforts, and aims to accelerate the adoption of open source portals into the mainstream enterprise marketplace. Many users, including customers such as Sensei and CRIX International are already leveraging the flexibility and value of enterprise-class open source portal technology to rapidly create personal, interactive web sites and applications.

Red Hat also believes that this new joint collaboration will broaden community interest in collaborating on a project that is sponsored by multiple organizations. It should foster accelerated innovation and enable ISV’s and service providers to contribute to a common project that will be leveraged across multiple open source products and solutions.

Stay tuned for more news as it develops, or visit our Portal project to learn more or to contribute.

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