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Top 10 tutorials for Linux administrators of 2022

Get some tips and tricks to help you become a better sysadmin from Enable Sysadmin's community of writers.
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If you've ever worked as a sysadmin, you know that once a Linux admin, always a Linux admin. This is true no matter what role you are in now, even if you've completely changed your career to a developer, architect, or something else. The lessons you learn as a sysadmin carry over and help you throughout your professional life.

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That's why I have great respect for the articles written for about Linux administration by the Enable Sysadmin community. I'm sure you'll get a lot out of this list in your day-to-day work.

Before I share 2022's top 10 articles about Linux administration, I want to first give kudos to my colleague Anthony Critelli for the great top 10 Linux administration articles review he wrote last year. I share his feelings about the role of a Linux administrator, and recommend you go back and read his article.

Without further ado, let's get to it!

Top 10 Linux administration articles of 2022

Do you know the 4 SSH tricks that every sysadmin should know? If you don't, then read Damon Garn's article to "learn how to run one-off commands, tunnel other applications, and securely copy files using the secure shell tool."

Damon Garn can also help you to "find out what's stopping you from accessing a server, printer, or another network resource" in Linux troubleshooting commands: 4 tools for DNS name resolution problems.

Morgan Peterman showed us that "maintaining accurate time is critical for computers to communicate, run system components, and more, and chrony can help" in the article How to configure chrony as an NTP client or server in Linux.

To get the most out of your Red Hat operating system, it's important to know How to use Subscription Manager on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL). That's why Seth Kenlon teaches you how to "use Subscription Manager to sign up your RHEL machines for important software updates and manage them from your central Red Hat account."

Emad Al-Mousa explains "if there's no reason for a user to have insight into what services are running on a server, then a user probably shouldn't have permission to view process ID (PID) listings." So learn How to hide PID listings from non-root users in Linux in his article.

Seth Kenlon wants to know: What's your favorite way to edit remote files? Why? Because "as a sysadmin, you spend a lot of time on somebody else's computer. Choose your remote file-editing tools wisely!"

"The Linux kernel is a tunable marvel that allows you to make changes to its parameters while it is running and without requiring a reboot." David Both shows you How to tune the Linux kernel with the /proc filesystem.

Doing an appearance hat trick, Seth Kenlon explains how you can "configure your system for screen sharing using Virtual Network Computing (VNC) in GNOME Connections and troubleshoot when things go wrong" in his article How to connect to a remote computer using VNC in Linux.

There's a way to "use automation and templates to gather and save information about your Linux virtual machines." Robert Kimani helps us do that in his article Monitor remote systems with Ansible and Jinja2 templates.

Finally, my colleague Ricardo Gerardi, in his article 7 Linux commands to gather information about your system, shows us how to "get information about your CPU, storage, RAM, BIOS, and more without leaving the terminal."

Wrap up

This is certainly a very comprehensive list of tools, tips, tricks, and utilities that you will benefit from using in your sysadmin routine. It's worth spending a little time reading and testing these features—I'm sure you won't regret it, as these articles have been widely read over the last year, showing their versatility and usefulness.

I hope I have helped you by compiling this list. Next year, we'll have even more articles as informative as these. If you have knowledge to share, consider writing about it for Enable Sysadmin. Join our community and continue the tradition of knowledge sharing that makes the Linux ecosystem great.

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