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Tom Coufal

Brno, Czech Republic

Tom Coufal is a principal software engineer who has been working in open source his entire career.

Doing everything from quality assurance to development; backend to frontend and back; platform and monolithic legacy applications to cloud-native microservices, Tom has had the opportunity to experience many different areas of software engineering. 

In his seven years at Red Hat, Tom has helped transform manual testing of customer subscriptions into a fully automated framework. He has co-maintained client libraries for various cloud providers. He helped to design and create an analytics platform foundation for Ansible. He has also worked on processing big data across Red Hat.

Tom has also spoken at various conferences including DevConf, Red Hat Summit, Red Hat Tech Exchange, and The Linux Foundation webinars.

He enjoys the Python, Ruby, and OpenShift/Kubernetes worlds. However, he likes spending his spare time in Typescript and Golang lands as well. 

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