Financial services 2018: Digital transformation, bots, blockchain, big data and more

This year, we anticipate that there will be no shortage of tech developments in the financial services industry (FSI). In fact, 2018 is on track to be a truly transformative year, as banks continue to modernize operations, adopt more agile and open technologies and hone their strategies. This will not come without challenges, including: the complexities of the regulatory landscape, a more demanding customer, and increased competition, just to name a few.

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Red Hat, partners showcase telco technologies for a digital economy at MWC 2018

The countdown to Mobile World Congress 2018 has begun, and Red Hat is hosting a number of partner demonstrations in our booth to showcase technologies designed to help communications services providers (CSPs) deliver next-gen services that work for a digital economy. We’ll have demos with partners including Kaloom, Netronome, QCT, SevOne and Vasona Networks. Keep reading for a sneak peek, and stop by our booth, 2G40 in Hall 2 of the conference center, to check them out in person.

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Network solution providers: realizing the promise of open source network transformation

Red Hat recognizes that the array of solutions providers across the telco landscape is changing. The era of ‘black boxes’ appears to be coming to an end – and open source is helping to unleash a transformation of networks, which can accelerate the transition to 5G and the rollout of IoT-based services. This transformation (however radical it turns out to be) will not happen overnight.

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Red Hat readies demos for Mobile World Congress 2018

Mobile World Congress 2018 is just around the corner, and here at Red Hat we’re gearing up to demonstrate some exciting new technologies with our partners and customers in our booth at the show, Feb. 26 – Mar. 1, in Barcelona. We’ll be showcasing Red Hat technologies that give communications service providers the solutions they need to adopt an open telco model, transform their operations and deliver advanced new services. Do stop by our booth, 2G40 in Hall 2, in the conference center.

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Banking on containers to accelerate application development in financial services firms

IT moves fast, and there’s always something new to investigate, develop, test and implement. For a risk-averse and increasingly competitive industry like financial services – which is undergoing seismic changes, thanks to digital technology – it can be a challenge to keep up. Linux containers can help bridge gaps between the developer and operations teams so they can create and deploy applications more efficiently.

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Red Hat talks open telco at PTC ‘18

Technology innovations and the intensifying march of digitization are disrupting and redefining enterprises across all industries. That includes communication service providers (CSPs), who are forging ahead with digital transformations to accelerate the development of new services, improve customers’ experience and optimize business value. As such, CSPs are exploring advanced technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), the internet of everything (IoT), and 5G, and they are shoring up their cybersecurity initiatives to support these new technologies. Join Red Hat’s telecommunications team at Pacific Telecommunications Council Conference 2018, PTC ’18, January 21-24 in Honolulu to learn about how open telco is the right foundation for digital business.

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January 18 WSTA event highlights emerging technologies for financial services firms

While technology professionals at financial services firms are aware of the impacts delivered by advancements in machine learning, artificial intelligence and augmented reality, new research breakthroughs in areas like materials science and discoveries in genomics can also have a huge impact on IoT, sensors, robotics, embedded intelligence, ever-increasing prediction accuracy, and more. Red Hat’s Alessandro Petroni, global director of application platforms and head of financial services strategy, will be joining other technology visionaries and futurists for a Wall Street Technology Association (WSTA) panel discussion on emerging technologies, January 18 in New York City.

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Red Hat, partners achieve record-setting STAC benchmark on financial risk analytics

In the highly competitive financial services industry, accurately predicting risk profiles is key. But analytics applications used to determine risk are typically large and compute-intensive, requiring a powerful technology stack that incudes parallel processing and compute accelerators. Open source technology can be a viable solution, delivering more flexibility, adaptability, and cost savings.

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Automating Retail the Red Hat way

I picture myself at the Red Hat booth engaging in thought provoking conversations with the attendees at the National Retailers Federation Conference in New York.  I take pause to review the Ten Commandments for Retail Business and Technology and think about the different ways Red Hat solutions effectively enable the business of retail.  What is interesting is that the salient, defining aspects of the retail industry can be intuitively paired up with logical solution sets from Red Hat — paving the way for seamless automation across the retail ecosystem the Red Hat way.  Join me as I walk you through the portions of retail that lend themselves for effective automation — we could even take a cue from the 6 ways automation impacts the enterprise in 2018!

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Automating the innovation of Retail at NRF 2018

2017 started off with the National Retail Federation #NRF2017 conference where I almost went through a digital transformation of sorts — actually beginning to like shopping after all!The pragmatic application of technology to innovatively change the consumer experience was a key factor in my transformation. This metamorphosis continued through 2017 through multiple thought leadership sessions as well as Executive Roundtables giving rise to the 5 principles of Retail Digital Transformation. As I gear up to attend the #NRF2018 conference with the Red Hat team, there is a common theme emerging across these experiences. Hello Automation!

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