Effectively manage deployments in Google Cloud with Red Hat Insights

Effective management is required for efficient cloud operations

Enterprises run 50% of their workloads and store nearly half of their data in a public cloud today.1 Managing workloads and data across your datacenter and clouds can be complicated, resulting in inefficient operations and potential security vulnerabilities. Unified management and visibility can help you streamline operations, improve security, and control spending across hybrid and multicloud environments.

What is Red Hat Insights?

Red Hat® Insights is a unique suite of hosted services that continuously analyzes platforms and applications to help you better manage and optimize hybrid and multicloud environments. Included with Red Hat Enterprise Linux® and accessed through the Red Hat Hybrid Cloud Console, Insights uses predictive analytics and deep domain expertise to speed complex operational tasks. It gathers configuration and use data from your Red Hat products, analyzes the data based on Red Hat expertise, and generates prioritized insights and recommendations. Focusing on operations, security, and business areas, Insights proactively alerts administrators and stakeholders before an outage or security event occurs. By helping teams stay ahead of critical operational issues, Insights frees up your staff to focus on innovation.

Red Hat Insights works across on-site and cloud environments—including Google Cloud—allowing you to manage and optimize everything from a single interface. It also integrates with other Red Hat and 3rd-party tools. For example, you can use remediation guidance to take manual actions or create playbooks for resolution at scale with Red Hat Satellite, an infrastructure management product specifically designed to keep Red Hat Enterprise Linux environments running efficiently, with security, and in compliance with various standards. You can also use a push mechanism to initiate actions in 3rd-party applications. And, to further simplify operations, you can link your Red Hat account to your Google Cloud account and choose to automatically connect your cloud-based systems and workloads to Red Hat Insights and other Red Hat services upon provisioning.

Track and optimize spending across clouds

Red Hat Insights helps you understand and optimize cloud spending and performance. The subscriptions service lets you track Red Hat subscription use across your entire environment efficiently and confidently. The resource optimization service helps you right-size your Google Cloud deployments using processor, memory, and network performance metrics. It monitors system performance over a 24-hour period, gives a score for each metric, and assesses systems as optimized, undersized, oversized, under pressure, or idling. You can use this information to optimize system performance when moving workloads to Google Cloud.

Streamline management across Red Hat platforms

Red Hat Insights is included with multiple Red Hat platforms to help you manage your entire hybrid cloud environment more efficiently and effectively:

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Improve IT efficiency, stability, and performance across clouds

Red Hat Insights helps you optimize system efficiency, stability, and performance across large-scale environments with less effort and time. The advisor service assesses your system configurations against Red Hat’s knowledge base of support cases, industry best practices, and issues identified by Google Cloud to find operational risks and provide prioritized remediation guidance. The drift service helps you detect configuration drift that can lead to performance, availability, security, and compliance issues. You can compare your system configurations to customized baselines, other systems, and historical profiles to find changes and notify stakeholders. The patch service helps you manage patching across all Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems in your hybrid cloud environment. You can analyze systems to determine which ones have patches available and create automation playbooks to apply those patches. Finally, the image builder service helps you build, manage, and deploy Red Hat Enterprise Linux operating system images across hybrid cloud environments more quickly and easily. Create customized images, save them as templates, and push them to your Google Cloud inventory to simplify provisioning.

Reduce risk in the cloud

Red Hat Insights helps you improve security operations through risk prioritization and management and options for remediation — across on-site and cloud deployments. The vulnerability service lets you scan your systems for Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs), collect scan information, and access remediation guidance using a single interface. It also helps you prioritize remediation actions based on the severity, type of risk, and impact of the change. The compliance service helps you audit regulatory compliance with OpenSCAP policies, remediate noncompliant systems, and generate compliance reports. The policies service lets you define internal security policies, monitor systems for compliance, and alert teams when a system is out of compliance. Finally, the malware service helps you rapidly detect active malware signatures in systems across your hybrid cloud environment.

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Save time and effort with Red Hat Insights

Red Hat Insights helps you reduce the time spent on common management tasks:2

  • 88% less time to track system patch status
  • 96% less time to detect known operational risks
  • 89% less time to detect configuration drift
  • 1 minute, 24 seconds to detect security vulnerabilities across 100 virtual machines
  • 69% less time to detect policy violations

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