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Red Hat® Ansible® Automation Platform offers a simple solution to deploying applications. It gives you the power to deploy multi-tier applications reliably and consistently, all from 1 common framework. You can configure key services as well as push application files from 1 common system. And rather than writing custom code to automate your systems, your team writes simple task descriptions that even the newest team member can understand—saving not only upfront costs, but making it easier to react to change over time.

Don’t want to write the code yourself? Use Ansible Automation Platform certified content collections, which are fully supported by Red Hat—with many also supported by our trusted partners.

Features and benefits

Deploy apps consistently

Ansible Automation Platform allows you to write playbooks that describe the desired state of your systems, and then it does the hard work of getting your systems to the desired state. Playbooks make your installations, upgrades, and day-to-day management repeatable and reliable.

Get started quickly

Most users become productive with Ansible Automation Platform after only a few hours. Ansible uses many of the same tools you likely already use on a daily basis and playbooks are written in a human-readable language that is easy to maintain, rewrite, and edit.

Work efficiently

Thanks to its agentless design, Ansible Automation Platform is more secure and efficient. It can be introduced into your environment without any remote systems bootstrapping or opening additional ports. System resource utilization is also dramatically improved.

Access ready-to-go content

Ansible Automation Platform ships with over 1,300 modules for managing all kinds of IT tasks and network software. Access Ansible Content Collections for content certified and supported by Red Hat and our partners.

Stay flexible

Downloading files from servers and configuring the OS are just the basics. From talking to REST APIs, to updating a team chat server or sending an email, Ansible Automation Platform can drive a variety of workflows.

Connect to cloud services

Available Automation Platform can interact with cloud services, including Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and more. And you can start managing any cloud instance or network software without modifying the base image.

Deploy apps with no downtime

Ansible Automation Platform can orchestrate zero downtime—easily rolling out updates so you can update your applications in production without interruptions for users.

Diagram: The steps to zero downtime automation.

IDC MarketScape report: Red Hat a leader in cloud management

Red Hat was named a leader in IDC’s 2024 assessment of vendors for multicloud and hybrid cloud management with automation. According to IDC, enterprises can confidently choose Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform, thanks to its “comprehensive capabilities and broad support in accelerating automation maturity.”

Customer success stories

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