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What sysadmins want to know about OpenShift and Kubernetes

The Enable Sysadmin community answered key questions about OpenShift and Kubernetes in 2021.
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If I could summarize my philosophy of knowledge in the open source world, it would be "learn hard, share harder!" This idea drives me to give back to the community in appreciation for all it has provided me.

Truly, I feel it is a great privilege for me to be able to share my knowledge with the Enable Sysadmin community, many of whom have shared their rich pearls of wisdom on varied topics with me.

One of our most popular topics this year was OpenShift and Kubernetes. There were so many fantastic articles published about it! I lack the time (and space) to describe them in detail, but let's take a tour through the top 10.

  1. Brent Baude started the year by showing how "the real power of Podman shines through by easily converting the containers based on Docker Compose to a Kubernetes YAML file" in From Docker Compose to Kubernetes with Podman.
  2. In How to use Podman inside Kubernetes, a companion article to Dan Walsh's How to use Podman inside containers, Urvashi Mohnani "demonstrated various use cases related to Podman and Kubernetes interactions."
  3. Kedar Vijay Kulkarni demystified "what CNI means and does" within Kubernetes. His article A brief overview of the Container Network Interface (CNI) in Kubernetes is extremely valuable.
  4. Kedar added "how the oc debug command would work for a node debugging in an OpenShift cluster" instead of a direct SSH connection to a node. Read more in How the oc debug command works in OpenShift.
  5. Bryant Son's article How to create a TLS/SSL certificate with a Cert-Manager Operator on OpenShift explained "how you can install cert-manager in Red Hat OpenShift with an Operator" and then "issue a self-signed certificate through the installed cert-manager."
  6. How to create your WordPress developer stack on OpenShift 4 by Tereza Gabrielova shows you how "to deploy your WordPress developer stack on OpenShift 4" using different tools.
  7. Bryant also demonstrated how to "create your own htpasswd file and add it to Red Hat OpenShift through an intuitive web interface" to work with OAuth in How to create new users in OpenShift with htpasswd and OAuth.
  8. In Build Kubernetes pods with Podman play kube, Brent described the advantages and benefits of creating Kubernetes pods with Podman.
  9. What about checking "the status and health of the components" when deploying applications to OpenShift? Evans Amoany showed how this works in How to check deployment health on Red Hat OpenShift.
  10. And rounding out the list, Jose Antonio Gonzalez Prada's Quick tips for the OpenShift oc client provides advice "for working with OpenShift's command-line client, oc."

Kudos to our contributors who have gifted us with such excellent articles this year! As I said at the beginning of this article, "learn hard, share harder." Learn, benefit, use, and be inspired by these articles, so that you can share your knowledge with others, too. 

If any of these articles inspires you, join our community and continue the tradition of knowledge sharing that makes the Linux ecosystem great. I am looking forward to seeing what articles our community provides in 2022!

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