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Today's marketplace is evolving at an even faster pace than yesterday's. Teams are under pressure to evolve and adapt. More Speed, More Quality, More Features. More, faster, but perfect.

In reality, these factors can be at odds with each other at times. Within the culture of more, teams still deal with long testing cycles, getting the proper test environments, and keeping pace with complex automation.   

Therein lies the opportunity for improvement, to make automation easier to use and blend test automation with build automation to speed up the entire team. That is why we created BOLT, to help teams move faster, with more quality.

BOLT is an automation platform that combines test automation and build automation. It is both a Toolset and an approach to quality and automation. It helps break down the complexity and barriers to properly integrating quality into the pipeline so that testing is not an afterthought. 

BOLT on Openshift scales testing efforts easily and quickly. BOLT leverages Openshift not only to control application deployments but also to manage the entire test pipeline. We follow the DevOps tool chain model to integrate and mange all the components needed to test a deployed application.

Teams can automate the entire testing pipeline including Unit, API, integration, UI, Performance, and Security testing. BOLT leverages Openshift to create testing pipelines using containers. These containers are brought together to form tool chains to support the CI and testing process. The test pipeline is spun up, testing is executed, and then spun back down.

Using containers, we can quickly add and remove components to find the right process. The whole pipeline is immutable meaning it can be removed, replaced, replicated and scaled as needed.

BOLT uses Templates, Ansible and Dockerfiles to configure, manage and deploy pipelines, allowing anyone to use them. The end goal is to build and manage DevOps as a service using all the components that make up the DevOps Model all right within a single PAAS Openshift.

The Openshift platform provides all of the underlying management, security and control making it ideal for the BOLT build containerized pipelines.

A unified dashboard tracks quality, application health, deployments and more. Historical trends are captured, measured and analyzed so nothing is left unaccounted for. This data can be used to determine velocity and quality over time, the process is adjusted for optimization until the desired levels are achieved.

No matter what size of team or the diversity of core technology strengths everyone can take advantage of a system that replaces ad-hoc and single threaded processes with complete end-to-end automation and visibility of all deployment and testing activities.

Learn more about how BOLT can help your team move faster, with more quality at

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