TL;DR: We are moving! On July 29th, we will move content into the domain. The console applications currently at will move to a new URL at All current URLs and bookmarks will redirect to their new destinations. This change will make a one-stop destination for all our hybrid cloud and simplify your experience. 

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At Red Hat, our vision is to enable organizations to innovate and deliver engaging user experiences, regardless of where applications are deployed - from core to edge to the cloud. In that spirit, we are evolving our web strategy to deliver a better experience to our customers. In this first step, we are moving all content onto, primarily to, as well as other relevant pages.

In the new experience, you will be able to dive into technical how-to content, demos, and product guides to learn about how you can build, run, and manage a hybrid cloud using Red Hat OpenShift along with the entire Red Hat portfolio. 

We are also moving our console applications from to a new domain at All existing bookmarks will redirect to the new URLs, although if you have configured your firewall rules for the console, please read this Knowledgebase article (login required).


Here’s what to expect on July 29th: 

  1. The console will be known as the “Red Hat Hybrid Cloud Console,” and moved from to (and will still require a Red Hat account sign-in). 
  2. On, we’ll begin building a rich user experience where you can explore and learn about Red Hat’s Hybrid Cloud portfolio and capabilities. The site will also allow you to log in to the Red Hat Hybrid Cloud Console.
  3. content will be merged with the content across all of the Red Hat digital properties, and URLs will be redirected to continue serving you Red Hat OpenShift content.


What’s not changing on July 29th:

We are not changing any API endpoints at this time, so if you have integrated your own code to, don’t worry. 

There are other sites at such as which are also not part of this first phase but will be part of subsequent phases.


The reason for the moves:

In addition to centralizing all of our content on, we are also making room to grow both the Red Hat Hybrid Cloud Console with new applications and future enhancements. This move also gives us the ability to build more valuable and interactive content for customers using Red Hat Hybrid Cloud Console applications and our managed cloud services such as Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated. 

Like any change, it’s going to take some time to adjust. Over time, we hope to prove to you the value of what we are building on this new foundation. Happy navigating!

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Rosa Guntrip is a senior manager for Red Hat Hybrid Platforms Business Unit. Rosa is a marketing professional with over 20 years in the tech industry with responsibilities including global solutions and services marketing, product marketing, marketing engineering, and product management.

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