by Randy Russell (Red Hat)

The Red Hat Certificate of Expertise in Hybrid Cloud Management is now available for IT professionals who want validation of their skills in configuring and using CloudForms, Red Hat's hybrid cloud management solution. CloudForms fills an important role within Red Hat's product portfolio by providing a bridge from existing virtualization solutions in traditional data centers to newer Infrastructure-as-a-Service models that must work across multiple vendors, on-premise and public clouds.

This Red Hat Certificate of Expertise may be applied towards earning our highest credential, Red Hat Certified Architect (RHCA.) This credential is earned by passing the associated exam, and as always, the exam is 100 percent hands-on and performance-based. With the availability of this new credential, Red Hat is now able to provide an Architect-level certification path for the professionals who will be working with Red Hat to bring cloud computing to the enterprise:

Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) and Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) is at the core because Linux itself is at the core of the new cloud computing paradigm;

Red Hat Certified System Administrator in Red Hat OpenStack represents skills in configuring and using Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform, which is emerging as the growing standard for Infrastructure-as-a-Service;

The Red Hat Certificate of Expertise in Hybrid Cloud Management, as described above, represents skills in using Red Hat CloudForms to extend existing virtualization investments and provide centralized management, orchestration and reporting;

The Red Hat Certificate of Expertise in Hybrid Cloud Storage represents skills in configuring flexible software-defined storage solutions that can be used across traditional data centers, on-premise private clouds and public clouds;

The Red Hat Certificate of Expertise in Platform-as-a-Service represents skills using OpenShift by Red Hat to provide Platform-as-a-Service to developers to hasten and improve application development and lifecycle management; and

The Red Hat Certified Virtualization Administrator credential represents skills in using Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization to provide high-performing, cost effective virtualization capabilities.

We are in a period of enormous challenge and opportunity in the world of IT. The challenges arise from the unprecedented demands arising from an always-on, always-connected world that not only rewards innovation but has come to demand it. The opportunity for enterprises is to improve competitiveness by finding more flexible, agile ways to meet these exponentially increasing demands. And the opportunity for an individual IT professional is to build the skills and knowledge that allows her or him to make these opportunities real in an organization.

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