This week's show is about a very important announcement in the Kubernetes community - the Operators Framework. Created about 18 months ago by the team at CoreOS, Operators will become the defacto way in which applications will be deployed and operated on Kubernetes.

Operators bring human operational knowledge in software, to reliably manage an application. Think of an Operator as an extension of the software vendor’s engineering team, that watches over your #Kubernetes environment and uses its current state to make decisions in milliseconds.

We sat down with Brandon Philips (@brandonphilips, Member of Red Hat Technical Staff, formerly Founder/CTO of @CoreOS) to talk about how Operators have evolved, the core elements of the framework (Operator SDK, Operator Lifecycle Manager, Operator Metering), and how we expect to see the open source community continue to grow the use of Operators in the future. Brandon will be speaking about this in more details throughout the week at KubeCon, and in his keynote on May 3rd.

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