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For AI to be successful, a consistent user experience is critical when deploying and managing AI use cases across diverse and distributed IT environments. Red Hat delivers a flexible, scalable hybrid cloud application platform with the built-in tools and capabilities needed to build, deploy and manage GenAI-enabled applications more consistently, whether on premises, in the cloud or at the edge.

To streamline the deployment and scalability of GenAI-enabled applications across hybrid cloud environments, enterprises can now run new NVIDIA NIM microservices on Red Hat OpenShift with NVIDIA AI Enterprise 5.0.

NVIDIA NIM provides advanced AI inferencing to enable real-time decision-making and workload efficiency. With NVIDIA NIM running on Red Hat OpenShift, organizations can now take advantage of a set of easy-to-use microservices designed to accelerate the deployment of GenAI applications on a trusted open hybrid cloud platform. This allows for flexible inference runtime and supports a variety of AI models, including open source community models, NVIDIA AI foundation models or bespoke customized models. Red Hat OpenShift’s comprehensive toolset and application portability on a more consistent, zero-trust security-focused foundation built for scale, in combination with NVIDIA NIM, enables developers to more rapidly build GenAI-enabled applications with just a few lines of code.

In a nutshell, the combination of Red Hat’s industry leading open hybrid cloud platform with NVIDIA’s AI architecture and microservices enables customers to deploy GenAI-powered applications more consistently and at scale provides enhanced capabilities for security, compliance and controls. Driven by its vision for AI, rooted in open source and cloud-native technologies, Red Hat continues to deliver innovative solutions that enable organizations to accelerate and streamline the development, deployment and management of AI-enabled applications and GenAI across private data center, cloud and edge environments.

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