Technology preview: Ansible Lightspeed with IBM Watson Code Assistant

At Red Hat® Summit 2023, we announced the technology preview of Ansible® Lightspeed with IBM Watson Code Assistant, which will be publicly available to all Ansible users in the coming months. During the preview, you can explore the technology, further train our model, and offer feedback on your experience. 

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What is it? And what comes next?

Ansible Lightspeed with IBM Watson Code Assistant is a generative AI service that helps developers create Ansible content more efficiently. It reads plain English entered by a user, and then accesses IBM watsonx foundation models to generate automation code recommendations in Ansible syntax that are ready to quickly deploy as an Ansible Playbook. 

A technology preview of the service will launch in the near future. It will be free to Ansible users and available via the Ansible extension for Visual Studio Code. An active GitHub account is required to access the service.

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