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Hackathons are a time honored tradition in the software industry. They stem from a time when software developers had to stay up all night hacking away at their code while the time sharing machine had free cycles. At 4 AM, it’s easier to book time on the room-sized PDP-10.

Rather than cram all of that excitement and creativity into a single evening or weekend, however, we at Red Hat kicked off our CodeShift Hackathon on September 26, 2023. The competition is now open and will remain on-going until November 13, 2023, when submissions must be provided to our panel of judges.

Those judges will be making their decision on December 12, 2023.

Just what exactly are we looking for in this hackathon?

Event Details

The hackathon will explore cloud-native development with Red Hat's OpenShift application platform including Java runtimes (Quarkus, Spring Boot), event-driven architecture with Apache Kafka, integration with Apache Camel, SSO, APIs, microservices, and more. Developers will also be able to build, deploy, and scale intelligent applications using Red Hat OpenShift Data Science and Intel's AI/ML technologies.

With such an array of technologies to choose from, there’s a vast ocean of possibilities for building out your dreams. Gather your team and register now to get access and get started!

Dates: September 26th - November 13th (Winner Announcement on December 12th)

Prizes ($70,000): Best Overall ($35,000), 2nd Place ($15,000), 3rd Place ($10,000), Runner Ups ($5,000 /ea)

Weekly Office Hours: We're here to support you every step of the way! Join our weekly office hours from September 26th to November 13th to get guidance and insights.

Registration Link: Register Now


Red Hatter since 2018, technology historian and founder of The Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment. Two decades of journalism mixed with technology expertise, storytelling and oodles of computing experience from inception to ewaste recycling. I have taught or had my work used in classes at USF, SFSU, AAU, UC Law Hastings and Harvard Law. 

I have worked with the EFF, Stanford, MIT, and to brief the US Copyright Office and change US copyright law. We won multiple exemptions to the DMCA, accepted and implemented by the Librarian of Congress. My writings have appeared in Wired, Bloomberg, Make Magazine, SD Times, The Austin American Statesman, The Atlanta Journal Constitution and many other outlets.

I have been written about by the Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, Wired and The Atlantic. I have been called "The Gertrude Stein of Video Games," an honor I accept, as I live less than a mile from her childhood home in Oakland, CA. I was project lead on the first successful institutional preservation and rebooting of the first massively multiplayer game, Habitat, for the C64, from 1986: . I've consulted and collaborated with the NY MOMA, the Oakland Museum of California, Cisco, Semtech, Twilio, Game Developers Conference, NGNX, the Anti-Defamation League, the Library of Congress and the Oakland Public Library System on projects, contracts, and exhibitions.

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