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What’s the Difference?

If you’re already using Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform in your business, what benefits come with upgrading to Red Hat OpenShift Platform Plus?

The benefits of upgrading are directly related to where you are on your application development and platform engineering journey. You might have started with just one project and one team. But as you grow, multiple teams work together to build applications across different environments. Challenges start creeping in as you grow (eg. security concerns, losing time and resources managing clusters), and might slow you down. Operationalizing and scaling applications is just the beginning. Operationalizing and scaling multiple clusters in an even more secure way is the next step.

Why upgrade to Red Hat OpenShift Platform Plus?

1: Built-in, advanced Kubernetes-native security and compliance across the application lifecycle

55% of organizations have delayed or slowed down application deployment due to a security concern, according to the State of Kubernetes security 2022 report. This means Kubernetes security remains as a common gap in IT infrastructure, leading to systemic risk. 

Red Hat OpenShift Platform Plus includes Red Hat Advanced Cluster Security (RHACS), thus extending OpenShift’s already robust security and compliance capabilities with additional tools and capabilities for organizations that have unique, complex security requirements that vary across applications. It allows you to incorporate compliance, security, and governance into applications, and build security into systems and services from the start.

2: End-to-end observability and manageability

Red Hat OpenShift Platform Plus includes Red Hat Advanced Cluster Management (RHACM) which applies consistent operational policies for security, configuration, compliance and governance to Kubernetes clusters across on-premise and public cloud infrastructure. RHACM is the little helper that manages the smooth running of each new cluster you create.

3: Scale consistently across the hybrid cloud

As multiple teams collaborate on projects and scale their applications across multiple clouds, you need to consistently apply policies everywhere, quickly.

Red Hat OpenShift Platform Plus can be consistently deployed across the hybrid cloud and provides security, governance and visibility across all infrastructures, with RHACM and RHACS. This allows administrators to set policies for container image security standards, and enforce them across multiple clusters, around the globe, across the public and private clouds.

4: An all-in-one comprehensive platform

You need multiple tools to support your container and Kubernetes platform and your app development efforts, including a security solution, a cluster management solution, policy and governance tools and storage solutions, to name a few. All of these things need to work together across the hybrid cloud. This complexity creates silos, introduces risks and slows you down.

Building an application platform is time consuming and budget constraining. It requires development and operations teams to take time away from building applications and delivering results to focus on piecing together multiple solutions. Not to mention the learning curve of each new product and understanding how to integrate it with the existing infrastructure. 

OpenShift Platform Plus is a comprehensive application development platform that gives you all the capabilities you need. It brings together security, operations and development teams, and provides a consistent experience and uniform interface for application development. 

5: Increase developer productivity

Developers are one of the most important assets to any organization. They need to focus on building products and services needed to deliver business results. It is a huge impediment if developers and teams have to spend time managing the application platform themselves. It’s even worse if they have to wait around for infrastructure to be provisioned.

It is crucial that developers are satisfied and happy with the technologies they are working on, so that talent can be retained. Happy developers stick around to maintain and care for their creations long term. And developers don’t like waiting around because the infrastructure cannot keep up with their testing and deployment needs. 

Red Hat OpenShift Platform Plus comes with a library of supported tools and familiar frameworks that give developers the freedom to code in their comfort zone. Red Hat Quay, included in OPP, provides a central container registry that scales across datacenters and clouds with rich governance, content introspection, and build integration. It automates workflows, streamlines collaboration, enables rapid and easy application scaling, and helps teams conduct code quality checks. 

How to upgrade to Red Hat OpenShift Platform Plus for your application development journey?

In short, application development is much like having a restaurant - when you start with one small branch, you can manage very well with a small team and use simple spreadsheets for accounting, bookkeeping and taking orders etc. But, as popularity grows and demand increases, you start opening more branches. You now need to manage multiple teams, use sophisticated budgeting and booking systems and you will likely hire managers or assistants to automate some work for you, so you can shift your focus back to running and growing the business.  Red Hat OpenShift Platform Plus allows you to quickly scale from one restaurant to a well-established chain across the country. It is a complete application platform for accelerating application development and application modernization across the hybrid cloud, that includes advanced Kubernetes-native management, security, compliance, data services and automation to provide consistency throughout the application lifecycle.

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About the author

Jehlum is in the Red Hat OpenShift Product Marketing team and is very passionate about learning about how customers are adopting OpenShift and helping them do more with OpenShift!

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