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I had the privilege of attending an OpenShift Commons Gathering in Israel, where technology enthusiasts, industry experts, and critical customers converged to explore the latest advancements in OpenShift. This exciting event was packed with insightful keynotes, engaging presentations from esteemed organizations like Clalit Healthcare, and an opportunity for me to present on Red Hat Advanced Cluster Security (ACS). In this blog, I will recount the event's highlights and share the knowledge and inspiration gained throughout the day.

Keynote: Realizing value from AI/ML - Increasing velocity and consistency through MLOps

The event kicked off with an intriguing keynote by Steven Huels, Senior Director, Software Engineering, that delved into the realm of OpenShift data science. Renowned speakers enlightened the audience on the convergence of data science and containerization, showcasing how OpenShift empowers organizations to build scalable, data-driven applications. The keynote provided valuable insights into machine learning workflows, scalable data processing, and the deployment of models using OpenShift. It set the stage for an exciting day of exploration and discovery.

Presentations from Clalit Healthcare and Key Customers:

Leading Innovation in Healthcare - Liora Shechter (Clalit)

A highlight of the event was the remarkable presentation by Clalit Healthcare, one of the leading healthcare providers in Israel. Their session shed light on how they harnessed the power of OpenShift to transform their operations, improve patient care, and drive innovation within the healthcare industry. It was inspiring to witness firsthand the tangible impact OpenShift had on their organization and the benefits it brought to their digital transformation journey.

In addition to Clalit Healthcare, other vital customers also had the opportunity to present their experiences and success stories with OpenShift. These presentations provided a diverse range of insights into different industries and showcased the versatility of OpenShift in addressing various business challenges. Learning from these real-world use cases was enlightening and motivating, demonstrating the immense potential OpenShift holds for organizations across different sectors.

Vision to Action (Edge, Data, Multi-cloud, Observability)

The Israeli market is an early adopter of technologies that encourage innovation. The session's title was a quote from Peter Drucker - "The best way to predict the future is to create it."

 In this session, led by Menny Tsarfati and the SA IGC-  Israel, Greece, and Cyprus, they present and demonstrate the technologies that will lead us in the next two years.

The sessions were: Hybrid Cloud - Reference Architecture of Multi-Cloud, live migrating an application from Amazon to Google, and a demonstration of Service Interconnect.

IDP (Janus) explained its importance for Cloud Native development and its adoption in the organization.  

OpenShift AI while deploying "notebooks" for researchers and explained the Edge AI value

Observability and event that initiates Ansible playbook  to enable an event-driven operation

My Presentation on Red Hat ACS:

As an advocate for secure containerized environments, I was honored to present on Red Hat Advanced Cluster Security (ACS). During my session, I discussed the critical importance of securing OpenShift clusters and how ACS offers robust protection against threats and vulnerabilities. The audience engaged in lively discussions, highlighting their concerns and sharing their experiences in securing their OpenShift deployments. The opportunity to share knowledge and best practices in securing containerized workloads was enriching.

Get started with Advanced Cluster Security Cloud Service

Additional presentations from customers and RedHaters

  • OpenShift Next (Dan Kenigsberg (Red Hat))
  • Automating the Orchestration of Small-Factor Kubernetes Edge Clusters (Alon Mayaffit (Elta)Gregory Giguashvili (Red Hat))
  • Never Go Limitless: On the Importance of ResourceQuotas at the Edge
  • Boost Productivity and Cut Costs with OpenShift Hosted Control Planes (Avishay Traeger (Red Hat)Eran Cohen (Red Hat)Oren Cohen (Red Hat))
  • Managing OCP Clusters in Scale - ACM and GitOps (Asaf Goldfeld (Discount)Almog Elfassy (Red Hat), Tom Porat (Discount))
  • OpenShift Data Science as an Enabler for Clinical Research (Eyal Dviri (Clalit))
  • It's Confidential (Computing) (Meirav Dean (Red Hat), Eran Cohen (Red Hat))
  • Modernization Strategies to Bring Your Apps to the Cloud (Tal Nisan (Red Hat))
  • The Next AI Frontier: Foundation Models for Business (Yoav Katz (IBM Debating Technologies))


The OpenShift Commons Gathering in Israel was a remarkable gathering of industry leaders, technology enthusiasts, and customers passionate about OpenShift. The event offered a platform to explore the intersection of data science and containerization, learn from real-world success stories, and share insights on securing containerized environments. The presentations from Clalit Healthcare and other vital customers showcased the transformative power of OpenShift across industries, inspiring attendees to envision new possibilities for their organizations.

Attending the OpenShift Commons event in Israel reaffirmed the collaborative nature of the OpenShift community and the continuous drive for innovation. It highlighted the immense potential of OpenShift in enabling digital transformation, revolutionizing industries, and fostering a culture of openness and collaboration.


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