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Since the very beginning GateIn, a JBoss Community project, was meant to be a place where different companies could collaborate in developing next-generation user interaction technologies. The GateIn project is where Red Hat and eXo have developed and forged new innovations leading to commercial software offerings, including Red Hat’s JBoss Enterprise Portal Platform.

After working alongside eXo for two years, Red Hat’s model of open, collaborative software development has demonstrated its benefits. Convertigo, a company founded in 1994 that integrates web applications, mainframe, and minisystem environments with Web 2.0 technologies, understood this and has elected to join us in moving the needle forward. And today, we are very happy to welcome Convertigo as a key contributor to the GateIn community.

While GateIn has portal technologies and standards at its core, the GateIn community has always been very interested in more timely and relevant user interaction technologies, including the emerging mashups and gadget spaces. Until now, enabling portlets and gadgets to easily interoperate and share information has been challenging. Convertigo helps in making these mashup style interactions easier within GateIn.

What does this enhanced collaboration mean in terms of functionality? GateIn users will be able to build and customize their portal pages and dashboards unlike ever before. More specifically, the level of customization GateIn can provide to business users will allow them to change the way they work – from coding to assembling applications. This level of customization helps elevate GateIn beyond the realm of a portal and takes the community toward that of a more user-centric development platform.

We expect that Convertigo's contributions will assist in driving the GateIn community forward and lead to enhanced feature available for inclusion in future commercial versions of Red Hat products. As we look at portals, mashups, and the user experience platforms of the future, Red Hat remains convinced that continued success will be through cooperative integration and standards. This is in contrast to some proprietary vendors that generally have favored a single vendor viewpoint, which we believe limits their potential for rapid innovation and growth.

To read eXo's announcement about its relationship with Convertigo here.

To learn more about Convertigo - www.convertigo.com