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Red Hat product trials frequently asked questions

What is a product trial? How is a Red Hat product trial different from a traditional licensed software trial?

Red Hat® product trials offer all the benefits included in a Red Hat subscription. But Red Hat product trials are more than just access to the latest code. They provide access to all versions of the software, to patches and other software updates, and to our award-winning Red Hat Customer Portal.

Who can sign up for a trial?

Anyone can request a product trial. However, some offers require a subscription to another product, administrator access, or other prerequisite in order to access the trial. Please see the specific requirements for your trial on the main offer page.

May I run product trial software in a production environment?

Product trials are not intended for production environments. Using product trials in a production environment is a violation of the product trial terms and conditions.

Do Red Hat product trials come with support? How do I know if my trial has support?

Some product trials offer a level of support while others are self-supported (unsupported). There are several ways to determine the support level of your product trial:

  • In the product trial name (e.g., 60 Day Self Supported Red Hat Directory Server Evaluation). You’ll find this in the welcome email you receive when your product trial begins.
  • On the Subscriptions page in Red Hat Customer Portal.
  • By contacting Sales or Customer Service.

Users with self-supported product trials have access to all product documentation as well as the vast Red Hat Knowledgebase.

How do I access my product trial?

Once your product trial subscription is active, you’ll have access to your product. It may be provided via a download of the latest version, or by accessing it via the cloud. You will find steps to access your product on the "success" page (the page that opens after you click "Start my trial" and is also accessible from the confirmation email you’ll receive).

How long does a product trial last?

Most product trials are 60 days, but exceptions may be made at the discretion of Red Hat Sales and Customer Service based on the user’s needs.

What technologies can I try through this program?

Nearly all Red Hat technologies are available for a product trial. You can find a listing of available trials in the Red Hat product trial center.  If there is a product you'd like to try that isn’t listed, please contact Red Hat Sales.

Why do I need to consult with a sales representative to obtain certain product trials?

There are several possible reasons:

  1. You’ve requested more than 1 product trial.
  2. You wish to extend your current product trial beyond the trial period.
  3. Your product trial is not available via the web.
  4. You’ve requested multiple product trials as part of a bundled SKU.
  5. Your product trial requires additional approvals before being activated.

Contact Red Hat Sales to try these technologies.

Can I renew the product trial after it has expired?

There are limits to how many product trials are allowed for each product over a given time period. If you need to extend your product trial or request more trials, please contact Red Hat Sales.

I’d like to use the product trial software after my trial has expired, or I’d like to use the software in a production environment. What are my options?

  • Purchase a subscription.
  • Renew the product trial after the expiry grace period has ended.
  • Contact Red Hat Sales to determine if the product trial can be renewed sooner or if a similar product trial is available.

Product trial terms and conditions

Red Hat is providing each Red Hat Product Trial Subscription for evaluation purposes subject to the terms of the Red Hat Enterprise Agreement. If you use the Red Hat Subscription for any purpose other than evaluation, you agree to pay Red Hat the Subscription Fee(s) for each Unit pursuant to the Enterprise Agreement, which is in addition to any and all other remedies available to Red Hat under applicable law.
Examples of situations where you would incur additional fees and be in violation of the Agreement include, but are not limited to:
  • Using the services provided under the trial program for a production installation,
  • Offering support services to third parties, or
  • Complementing or supplementing third-party support services with services received through the Red Hat Product Trial Subscription program.
By proceeding, you acknowledge that you've read and agree to the terms and conditions of the Red Hat Enterprise Agreement which governs your use.