Red Hat Enterprise Linux on AWS

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What is Red Hat Enterprise Linux on AWS?

Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® is the stable, cloud-ready operating system (OS) for Amazon Web Services® (AWS®). The security-focused OS provides a consistent, tailored experience across footprints, with flexibility that empowers organizations to retain skills, standards, processes, and management tools as you move from on premise to cloud and scale your cloud environment.

Why choose Red Hat Enterprise Linux and AWS?

Certified compatibility

Red Hat and AWS are certified to work together, giving you the tools you need to build faster, deliver high-quality customer experiences, and scale in line with changing demand. Combining Red Hat Enterprise Linux and AWS brings together the best of both offerings. Organizations get an intelligent, stable, and security-focused OS for modern, agile business operations. They also gain globally available, on-demand, security-focused, resizable cloud computing capacity for their workloads and applications.

Stability and consistency

You will gain consistency across your infrastructure by deploying applications, workloads, and services with the same tools, both on-site and in the cloud. From there, you can manage your systems simply and benefit from seamless integration into the development lifecycle—all while knowing that you have the support of both organizations to keep your systems stable and protected.

Cloud capacity

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud® (Amazon EC2) provides resizable compute capacity in the cloud. Red Hat Enterprise Linux on EC2 leverages the cost effectiveness, scalability and flexibility of Amazon EC2 and the proven reliability of Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Red Hat Enterprise Linux also integrates with Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS), Amazon CloudWatch®, Elastic-Load Balancing, and Elastic IP addresses.

Want to dig deeper into the relationship between Red Hat Enterprise Linux and AWS?

Red Hat Enterprise Linux on AWS

Features and benefits

Simplified management

Standardizing on Red Hat Enterprise Linux and AWS lets you use the same set of management tools to administer your datacenter and cloud environments, saving time and effort for everything from provisioning, scaling, policy enforcement, and decommissioning.


Red Hat Enterprise Linux on AWS takes a two-process approach to continuous security. First, the OS must pass a validation process to be listed on AWS Marketplace. Then, performance analytics tools–AWS Inspector and Red Hat Insights (included in Red Hat Enterprise Linux)–constantly monitor the enterprise environment.


Red Hat Enterprise Linux delivers consistent performance and security across different footprints, whether in the cloud, on-premise, or at the edge. Red Hat Enterprise Linux also works with open source container tools Podman, Buildah, and Skopeo, allowing developers to easily spin up containers, manage deployment, and speed development of new applications in the cloud.


Red Hat Enterprise Linux allows you to place workloads and data where it makes the most sense. To ease deployment across clouds, the included image builder tool lets you create customized Red Hat Enterprise Linux images, save them as templates, and push them to cloud inventories. Red Hat Universal Base Image (UBI) provides developers pre-built images to consume a number of language runtimes. You can also use a Red Hat built and maintained golden image to deploy directly from your AWS console.


Red Hat brings a broad portfolio of tools, solutions, and partners that integrate and work seamlessly with Red Hat Enterprise Linux. This includes Red Hat OpenShift® on AWS (ROSA), a turnkey application platform that provides a managed Red Hat OpenShift service running natively on AWS. Whether using Red Hat Enterprise Linux on AWS or on-premise, enterprises can manage all of their applications with a single tool. Red Hat and AWS offer a proven, scalable hybrid cloud foundation to help you maximize the value of your workloads, including SAP and Microsoft SQL Server.


Red Hat’s award-winning support team works with AWS to provide expertise, knowledge, and premium 24x7 support for production systems. You can trust that support calls and tickets go directly to the right experts.


Red Hat Insights continuously analyzes platforms and applications to help you better manage and optimize hybrid cloud environments and is available at no additional charge from the Red Hat Hybrid Cloud Console. Improve IT efficiency, stability, and performance, and reduce risk across your cloud environments from a single interface.


In-place upgrades for Red Hat Enterprise Linux in the cloud are supported for on-demand, pay-as-you-go instances on major cloud providers. 

Get started

There’s more than one way to standardize with Red Hat Enterprise Linux on AWS. In addition to choosing your preferred deployment – including Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server and Red Hat Enterprise Linux for Workstations – you can choose how you want to buy and deploy.

Explore which options fit your needs:

New to Red Hat Enterprise Linux?

AWS Marketplace

Purchase Red Hat Enterprise Linux via the AWS Marketplace. Use the pricing information tool to estimate infrastructure costs based on your specific configurations. Organizations can take advantage of the discounts outlined in their committed spend agreement with AWS (known as Enterprise Discount Program) when purchasing Red Hat Enterprise Linux on the AWS Marketplace.

Red Hat Hybrid Committed Spend

Red Hat offers committed spend discounts on the procurement of Red Hat products, ensuring that you get the most out of your company’s cloud investment. You can purchase from Red Hat directly or through the cloud marketplace and receive competitive pricing based on your total Red Hat spend.

Pay as you go

By purchasing Red Hat Enterprise Linux on AWS as a pay-as-you-go product, you only pay for the resources you use, allowing for rapid scaling in response to demand fluctuations. However, this model can result in unpredictable costs and necessitate continuous usage monitoring to prevent overruns.

New to AWS?

Red Hat Cloud Access

Red Hat Cloud Access allows on-premise customers to run eligible Red Hat subscriptions on certified public cloud providers like AWS. This option provides true portability and offers streamlined services like customizable images and simplified subscription management.

Launch an image

Red Hat Enterprise Linux includes an image builder tool that lets you create customized Red Hat Enterprise Linux images. You can choose to provision your own Red Hat Enterprise Linux virtual machines (VMs) or download pre-provisioned images from AWS Marketplace, or use ready-to-deploy Red Hat certified gold images.

Migrate from CentOS Linux

Red Hat Enterprise Linux for Third Party Linux Migration with ELS offers users four years of extended life cycle support to help maintain business continuity now that CentOS Linux 7 has reached end of life (EOL). The offering also includes High Availability, Convert2RHEL tooling, and Red Hat Satellite

Red Hat Enterprise Linux for Third Party Linux Migration with ELS is now available on AWS.

Not sure what to do?

Talk to a Red Hatter in your region to develop an agreement tailored to your needs.