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How CO.LAB works

CO.LAB introduces middle school girls to the principles of open source—and to a world of technology and collaboration they might not have considered otherwise. Students learn how to work together to solve problems, develop new ideas, and seek shared experiences to create something unique.

The curriculum leads participants through building and coding their own devices, using them for artistic exploration, and ultimately sharing their work with their communities. It’s a combination of circuit boards, programming, and art, approached through open source values.

Collaboration is a powerful catalyst for innovation and discovery. We’re teaching girls the collaborative skills of open source methods. We want to help them succeed in their pursuit of careers in science, technology, engineering, arts, and math.

CO.LAB is about working together with technology and art to inspire and empower the next generation of women in tech.


Collaboration over cliques

CO.LAB is about showing students how good things happen when people come together to create something new and everyone has a chance to participate. They make discoveries. They overcome obstacles. And fresh ideas emerge.

Cooperation expands potential and sparks new possibilities. And the broader the participation, the greater the yield.

Creative collaboration is the best way to make meaningful, enduring progress—and to forge lasting bonds.

The future is collaborative

Collaboration is an important life skill. But, just as open source is more than just a way to create software, collaboration is bigger than completing tasks more efficiently or being ready for a job. Teaching the next generation to work together using open source principles creates a foundation for strong, inclusive communities.

At Red Hat, we're committed to showing what people―from students to technologists to artists―can do when they make things in the open. Collaboration doesn’t just make work easier, it feeds our spirit and builds character. Because when we share, we thrive. Share with us what you can do with the CO.LAB kit.

Houston photo by Carlos Delgado, Chicago photo by Aaron Bean, and Minneapolis photo by Steijn Leijzer