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Modernize and secure applications with DevSecOps

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Enhance container security to adopt DevSecOps with confidence

The rapid pace of digital transformation has led to hastily glued-together DevSecOps systems and processes instead of a single, cohesive, and efficient system.

Red Hat works closely with our security ecosystem partners to weave together the technologies you need to build a comprehensive DevSecOps solution. A properly woven-together system will improve your application and container security, reduce risks, improve performance, and help you make the most of your Red Hat® investments.

Why DevSecOps is important

Securing DevOps is a complex undertaking, especially as DevOps tools grow and change at a fast pace. Containers and Kubernetes add more complexity and open up new attack vectors and security risks. Development and operations teams must make security—including Kubernetes security—an integral part of the application lifecycle to safeguard critical IT infrastructure, protect confidential data, and keep pace with change.

Getting a Kubernetes environment ready to support business-critical applications in a secure, reliable, and scalable manner can be a challenge. Weaving DevSecOps into your environment can help in many areas.

  • Improve security by removing more vulnerabilities in development, which will reduce potential issues in production.
  • Improve efficiency and speed of DevOps release cycles by removing legacy security practices and tools and leveraging automation.
  • Reduce risk and improve visibility by leveraging tools and processes to improve compliance and reduce the possibility of human error. This improves predictability and repeatability while reducing audit concerns.
Why DevSecOps is important

Solution overview

Make the entire application and platform lifecycle more secure with our certified partners

Red Hat platforms create a secure foundation for DevSecOps, while our partners integrate and automate security tools and methods into the entire application lifecycle. Red Hat is uniquely positioned to bring you a comprehensive DevSecOps solution because of our open source mission, expertise in an open hybrid cloud, and extensive partner ecosystem. Red Hat OpenShift® and Red Hat Ansible® Automation Platform, together with partner technologies, secure your container application lifecycle, including development, deployment, and runtime.

Red Hat’s view is that securing a container lifecycle with DevSecOps methods requires change across three areas: culture, process, and technology.

  • Culture means fostering a culture of collaboration between developers, operations, and security teams, along with helping all of them understand why and how security should be involved in the entire DevOps lifecycle.
  • Process refers to applying workflow standardization, documentation, and automation in agreed-upon processes to improve efficiency and security throughout the lifecycle.
  • Technology requires integrating the platforms, tools, and processes you're using for application development, deployment, and operations into a single cohesive system called DevSecOps.

Weaving these together to complement and support each other is critical. Security should be woven throughout, and made as transparent and automatic as possible.

Transform your business


Open technology


Open culture


Open processes



Red Hat and partners make DevSecOps easier to adopt

For most organizations, tackling DevSecOps alone is a daunting prospect. Selecting tools and vendors that work together closely and will support your DevSecOps design as a single cohesive unit is a critical element of success.

At Red Hat, we believe that ecosystem matters, and that partnership isn’t just about a certification on a platform. It's about how all the players work together and support each other. That’s why the Red Hat security partner ecosystem for DevSecOps is a tightly woven mesh, where all the vendors work with each other as well as with Red Hat.

Red Hat security partners extend and enhance our technology and infrastructure solutions with products to secure and automate the entire DevSecOps lifecycle, including certified containers and operators. Then Red Hat and our partners collaborate to weave it all together with training and certification, consulting, managed services, and Red Hat Innovation Labs.

Security framework

The Red Hat security framework and ecosystem

Red Hat works closely with our strategic partners to certify integrations with Red Hat OpenShift and Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform. This gives us a holistic view of the DevSecOps lifecycle and helps us create a taxonomy of security capabilities so you can more easily consume DevSecOps solutions.

The Red Hat DevSecOps framework identifies nine security categories and 32 methods and technologies that address the entire application lifecycle. The framework places Red Hat built-in capabilities, DevOps toolchains, and security partner solutions at key integration points in the pipeline. You can implement some or all the methods and technologies within a category depending on the scope of your DevOps environment and your specific requirements.

Security use cases

Red Hat and our partners work together, giving you access to the expertise you need to weave security and automation throughout the entire application lifecycle. Together, we can help you craft a complete solution that makes security mostly automatic and nearly transparent to development and operations staff. Areas of expertise include:

  1. Application analysis
  2. Compliance
  3. Data controls

  4. Audit and monitoring

  5. Identity and access


  6. Network controls

  7. Runtime analysis

    and protection

  8. Remediation

  9. Red Hat platform security

Security partners

Synopsys logo

The partnership between Synopsys and Red Hat helps organizations build secure, high-quality code—minimizing risks while maximizing speed and productivity.

Deploy Black Duck for OpenShift

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Cyberark logo

CyberArk and Red Hat integrations simplify how developers can improve container security and automation playbooks.

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sysdig logo

Red Hat and Sysdig partner to help enterprises accelerate the transition to cloud-native applications built on Red Hat OpenShift.

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Aqua Security logo

Aqua Security is one of Red Hat's earliest technology partners and has become a key security partner within the Red Hat Partner Connect ecosystem.

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Palo Alto Networks logo

Red Hat and Palo Alto Networks partner to help organizations across government, healthcare, financial services, and the intelligence community secure their cloud-native environments on Red Hat OpenShift.

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