Red Hat brand standards.

The Red Hat® brand standards are the source code of our brand. Using these brand standards as the starting point for all projects ensures that every interaction with Red Hat reflects our brand personality, aligns to our brand strategy, and uses a consistent visual language. Through consistency we create an authentic relationship and credibility with our customers, partners, and contributors.

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Core brand elements

We always lead with Red Hat

We always lead with Red Hat.

Brand strategy

Our logo is a red hat with the words Red Hat.

Red Hat logo

Our core colors are red, black, and white.

Our font family has three styles

Our font family has three styles.

Fonts and typography

Brand expression

Red Hat’s brand expression is how we adapt the way we apply our brand standards to meet the needs of our customers, partners, and associates. Function comes first—all of our communications should be clear and helpful. When we want to tell a more nuanced story, we can introduce expressive elements like colors from our extended color wheel, stylized typography, illustration, and more.


Examples of functional brand expression at Red Hat


Examples of expressive brand expression at Red Hat

What's new

Red Hat color palette swatches.

Color updates

(November 2023) Red Hat has a new color palette. We've updated our guidance with more details about how and where to use our colors and added new interactive swatches for quickly copying hex codes.

Red Hat illustrations on templates.

Illustration updates

(November 2023) In addition to the updates to our color palette, we've updated our guidance for creating Red Hat illustrations. Included are more details around our different illustration styles and how we illustrate people.

Co-branding template example.

Partner handbook and co-branding

(October 2023) We've updated our guidance for partner marketing and co-branding with Red Hat.

Red Hat technical partner buttons.

Technical partner buttons page

(September 2023) We’re introducing a new way for Red Hat technical partners to indicate that their technology is certified for a Red Hat product.

Templates page updates

(August 2023) We’ve overhauled our templates page to make it easier to find the most recent versions of our templates for documents, presentations, business cards, email signatures, and more.

Naming and trademarks page

(August 2023) We’ve added a new page with details about how we name things at Red Hat and how to talk about our trademarks.

Technology icons updates

(August 2023) We’ve updated the design of our technology icons (formerly known as product and service icons) and revamped the page to provide better guidance.