Brand Standards Illustration

Brand Standards

The Red Hat® brand standards are the source code of our brand. Using these brand standards as the starting point for all projects ensures that every interaction with Red Hat reflects our brand personality, aligns to our brand strategy, and uses a consistent visual language. Through consistency we create an authentic relationship and credibility with our customers, partners, and contributors.

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Core brand elements

We always lead with Red Hat

We always lead with Red Hat.

Brand strategy

Our logo is a red hat with the words Red Hat.

Red Hat logo

Our core colors are red, black, and white.

Our font family has three styles

Our font family has three styles.


Brand expression

Red Hat’s brand expression is how we adapt the way we apply our brand standards to meet the needs of our customers, partners, and associates. Function comes first—all of our communications should be clear and helpful. When we want to tell a more nuanced story, we can introduce expressive elements like colors from our extended color wheel, stylized typography, illustration, and more.


Examples of functional brand expression at Red Hat


Examples of expressive brand expression at Red Hat

What's new

Photograph of a Red Hat Summit 2019 display showcasing Red Hat brand history.

History page updates

(February 2023) We’ve updated our history page to include more details, including information about the Open Brand Project, the IBM acquisition, and recent leadership changes.

Image of a Red Hat digital badge being shared on social media

Digital badges page

(May 2022) We’ve created a new page for Red Hat digital badges–shareable and verifiable credentials issued through our partner, Credly.

Image of the Red Hat logo used on various color background.

Red Hat logo updates

(March 2022) We’ve updated our Red Hat logo page with more specific information about our logo variations, using the logo on various background colors and images, and what the logo looks like in real-life applications.

Photo of Red Hat branded notebooks with the hat on the cover.

The hat page

(March 2022) We’ve created a new page that goes into detail about the hat, including how to determine when it’s appropriate to use the hat alone and how to apply the hat as artwork versus using it to represent Red Hat.