Color palette

Our official color was an easy decision. Red represents energy, strength, power, determination, passion, love, and courage. Red is the color of revolution.

After our logo, the color red is our most recognizable brand asset. Red is the color we use to make a big impression. When you need to be unmistakably Red Hat, this is where to start.

This is Red Hat red

Red Hat red

Use red with neutrals

Red Hat white to black palette


Color do’s and don’ts

Red is a powerful color. Use it carefully and thoughtfully.

Do this

Use red to call attention to Red Hat® products or important points.

Do not do this

Avoid over-using red, so it will feel more open and approachable.

Do this

Use Red Hat red as the primary accent color.

Do not do this

Don't use light red as a primary accent color or background.


Use of Red Hat red in product promo banner

This social graphic uses white space and thoughtful pops of red to draw attention to the most important point.


Screenshot of a Red Hat twitter account page

This Twitter channel header graphic uses red for a big, eye-catching impact.