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Following a parent brand strategy means we lead with the Red Hat® brand. Each product logo starts with the Red Hat logo and follows with the full product name. If the product has more than 1 version under a common product name, we add a third line in a lighter font weight.

Our product logos connect every new product or service to our parent brand, Red Hat. Their consistent format allows us to add new product logos to our portfolio without additional design or legal costs.

Standard product logo, minimum clear space

Product logo with variant, minimum clear space

Red Hat product logos are produced in 2 full-color versions: standard and reverse. They are also produced in 2 one-color versions: white and black.

Version numbers

Add version numbers only for major releases.

Stacked logos

Longer product names may have horizontal and stacked logo versions. The stacked versions fit better in vertical spaces.

Product Interfaces

Only use one-line logos for product interfaces where the product logo is too tall, or if space is limited.

Learn more about UI branding.

Writing out product names

If the product logo is too tall, or space is limited, for any application aside from the product UI, write out the product name and use a Red Hat logo in a separate imprint area.

Product logos vs. product icons

Product logos use the Red Hat brand, capital letters, and a product logo, whereas components or features do not use the Red Hat name and aren’t capitalized. Product, components, features, or other offerings can use a product icon to distinguish them in catalogs and marketplaces, or to be adapted as artwork in marketing materials.

Red Hat Ansible Automation product logo

Product logos consist of the Red Hat logo and the product name spelled out. They create instant recognition for our parent brand and the product.

Red Hat Ansible Automation product icon

Product icons consist of a visual metaphor encased in a bounding shape. They can be developed for any Red Hat offering that needs to be visualized at a small scale where a product logo would not fit.

Product logos in use

Do this

Use version numbers for major product releases.

Do not do this

Do not add version numbers for minor or "dot" releases.

Do this

Use product logos to represent our products and solutions.


Do not do this

Do not use legacy product or project logos to represent enterprise products.

Do this

Use dark color logos on light backgrounds, and vice versa.

Do not do this

Do not use a product logo on a background that is too light or dark, obscuring visibility.

Do this

Use the logo as provided, with the Red Hat icon and product name together.

Do not do this

Do not use the product name without the Red Hat icon.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 t-shirt

There is no need to add a separate Red Hat logo on a swag item because product logos already include the Red Hat logo.

Twitter post from Red Hat's corporate account that features a product-specific graphic incorporating an official Red Hat product logo

Product logos can combine with other visual elements to promote our products, like this social media post.