Throughout history, red hats have been worn as symbols of revolution, emancipation, and liberation. Our red hat symbolizes software freedom.

The Red Hat logo

The first red hat, worn by co-founder Marc Ewing, was a Cornell lacrosse cap. He wore it so he could be easily found in the Carnegie Mellon University computer lab where he helped people. The first Red Hat® logo was a clip art top hat. From there we changed it to a man running while wearing a large red Panama hat. Our next logo was "Shadowman" wearing a red fedora, a symbol from our early days, when our founders embraced our outsider, subversive, revolutionary reputation and ran with it. Part superhero, part private detective, Shadowman was the guy in the red hat, the one who could help you with your computer.

The hat in our logo is the same fedora worn by Shadowman, and is an embodiment of the trust and goodwill we built with our customers, partners, and community as we grew from upstart to mainstream.

Today, when people need help with enterprise open source technology, they look for the red hat.

Business partners can download the logos they’re entitled to use by logging in to Red Hat Partner Connect.

Logo variations

There’s not just 1 way to use the Red Hat logo. Our logo is part of a system that gives us the flexibility to choose the best version for each placement. The logo can be vertical or horizontal, and the "Red Hat" text can be large or small.

Red Hat logo A sample

Logo A

Most of the time, the standard logo is the best choice. It fits best in spaces that are wider than they are tall.

Red Hat logo B sample

Logo B

The hat and wordmark are the same size as logo A, but they’re stacked instead of side by side. It fits best in spaces that are more square.

Red Hat logo C sample

Logo C

The smaller text puts the emphasis on the hat, and works best at large scales so the text is easy to read.

Red Hat logo D sample

Logo D

The combination of small text and a stacked layout is perfect for making the most of square spaces, like signage.

Red Hat logo sample: the hat alone

The hat alone

In very small spaces, use the hat alone. The hat should never be smaller than 16px (.22 in/5.5mm) tall.

When it’s alone, the hat should always be red.

Red Hat wordmark


The wordmark can be used independently in some situations, but there should always be a hat nearby.

Want to use the hat or wordmark alone? Contact the Brand team first.


Our logos need room to breathe. "Clearspace" is the area around the logo that should be free of text, distracting graphics, or other logos. This ensures that nothing interferes with the visual impact of our logos.

For example, placing a headline or phrase like "the open source leader" near the logo implies it is a corporate slogan. It isn’t.

When we place other design elements too close to the logo, it can diminish the significance of our logo.

Representation of clearspace around logos For logos A and B and the wordmark alone, the clearspace should be at least the height of the letter "e" all the way around the logo.

Representation of clearspace around logos For logos C and D, the clearspace should be at least twice the height of the letter "e" all the way around the logo.

Representation of clearspace around logos For the hat, the clearspace should be at least the width of the brim.

Color and logos

When the logo is on a color background, the first priority is visibility. Switch the type color accordingly. Black type is for light backgrounds, white type is for dark backgrounds.

Full color logos on backgrounds

If you can’t print the logo in full color, or if the background is red, use the 1-color version. When you can, choose the red version over white or black.

One color logos on backgrounds

If you’re using the hat alone, it must be red, not white or black. It can be in full color or 1 color.

Hat shown on different color backgrounds

Logo don'ts

We’re protective of our logo. Why? Because as an open source company, our trademarks are the most important intellectual property we own. By using our logo consistently and correctly, we make sure it’s protected and will serve us well for years to come.

Distorted Red Hat logo

Don’t stretch or distort the logo.

Large hat, small wordmark

Don’t scale or move parts of the logo independently of each other.

Light blue hat, purple wordmark

Don’t change the colors of the logo.

White logo on black background

Don’t use the hat alone in any color but red.

Logo filled with gradient, casting shadow

Don’t add shadows or gradients to the logo.

Hat on a panda

Don’t put the hat on things or characters.

Shadowman logo

Don’t use legacy logos.

Tux the penguin

Don’t use Tux the penguin, with or without a hat.


Red Hat logo on travel cup

The stacked logo with large type makes the best use of the available space on this travel mug.

Red Hat logo on headquarters

The space on top of Red Hat tower is wide and narrow, so we chose a horizontal logo. We also needed our name to be visible from far away, so we chose a version with large type.

More about the Red Hat brand

We work to make sure open source ideas influence and improve the collaborative good works of others, in every walk of life. Wherever people pull together to solve a shared problem, Red Hat wants to lend a hand.

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