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Screen-based interfaces present special challenges for icon design, especially size and scale. Interfaces require icons that are immediately understood and remain clear at very small sizes.

UI icons on red background
UI icons on black background
UI icons on grey background

Our UI (user interface) icons are flat, simple, and legible at 16 pixels. They’re typically used in gray or white. At these smaller sizes, use the same principles for UI icons as for standard icons: 12° and right angles, rounded corners and terminals, and geometric shapes.

Red Hat UI icons are used on Red Hat web properties. Product interfaces may use icons from the Patternfly design system.

UI icons in use

Highlighting the navigation bar on a Red Hat web page

In the interface of, UI icons allow users to more quickly and intuitively navigate our site.

Example showing UI icons in use on a web card

UI icons can be paired with text to draw attention to different types of content.

UI icon representing

Do this

Use UI icons as designed, without modifications.

Combination of two UI icons

Do not do this

Do not distort, combine, or otherwise modify existing UI icons.

Highlighting the navigation bar on a Red Hat web page

Do this

Use UI icons in interfaces at a small size.

Example of UI icons placed in a slide deck

Do not do this

Do not substitute UI icons for standard icons, that is not their purpose.

UI icon representing

Do this

Use UI icons so that they maintain a color contrast ratio of at least 3:1, per WCAG 2.1 guidance.

UI icon representing

Do not do this

Do not place UI icons on a background without sufficient contrast.

Gear UI icon next to the word

Do this

Use UI icons purposefully to facilitate navigation or denote content.

Sample mockup of a web card

Do not do this

Do not scale UI icons to use as decorative artwork.

Creative Commons

Using a Creative Commons license lets us share our standard and UI icons with our customers, partners, and communities.

This icon is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license. If you redistribute this icon, Red Hat should be given attribution. For individual uses, such as a diagram or presentation, attribution is optional.

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