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An endorsement is a way for a brand to lend its credibility and reputation to another brand or group. Endorsements can also link brands within the Red Hat® portfolio, give us freedom to market ourselves differently to multiple audiences, and allow us to have a presence in stories and messaging that are different from our core brand.

Each endorsement type represents a different relationship between Red Hat and the endorsed brand and can be used in 2 versions: horizontal and stacked.

Version A: Horizontal logo, minimum clear space

Version B: Stacked logo, minimum clear space

Endorsement types

Endorsement types

Sponsored by Red Hat means Red Hat is providing funding and resources in a long-term initiative with the endorsed brand, which should follow Red Hat’s corporate guidelines to the best of its ability.

Supported by Red Hat means Red Hat provides funding and resources, but the endorsed brand has its own look and feel apart from Red Hat. The Red Hat brand gives additional equity and credibility to the endorsed brand.

Powered by Red Hat means Red Hat software is embedded in another technology, solution, software, or hardware. Partners can use this logo to show that their solutions are running on Red Hat software.

Should I use an endorsement logo at my next event?

While endorsement logos are helpful for showing Red Hat’s contributions to an initiative, we encourage using the Red Hat logo for short-term sponsorships, specifically when our logo will stand beside other companies’ logos.

Endorsement logos in use

Do this

Use the full endorsement logo to clearly show the type of endorsement Red Hat has given.

Do not do this

Do not shift, distort, or remove any elements of the endorsement logo.

Do this

Size and place the endorsement logo appropriately to complement the main message.

Do not do this

Do not make the endorsement logo more prominent than the endorsed brand.


Although Red Hat provides funding and resources for opensource.com, the website maintains its own brand apart from Red Hat. It uses the Supported by Red Hat endorsement.


Fedora®, a free open source platform, uses the Sponsored by Red Hat endorsement logo because it benefits from Red Hat’s resources and feedback. Fedora also follows Red Hat’s brand guidelines for communities.