A Red Hat® presentation, a formal letter, or an email from a Red Hatter might be the first time that someone interacts with our brand. Starting with an approved Red Hat template ensures that our brand is used consistently and correctly every time.

A quick note: Most of the templates listed below will require you to sign in to an existing Red Hat account. These assets are intended for Red Hat associates and approved partner agencies only. If you have questions about accessing these templates, ask your Red Hat point of contact.

Presentation template

From Red Hat Summit keynotes to conference-room sales meetings, Red Hat presentations should be informative and professional and should represent our brand well. The content must be meaningful and relevant to our audiences. Our stories should be clear and compelling.

Following our templates is the first step toward creating a meaningful, engaging presentation.

Red Hat account required for access.

The Red Hat presentation template cover slide.
A Red Hat document template in Google Docs.

Document templates

Choose between our general document template (best for most documents) or the formal document template with a cover page.

Red Hat account required for access.

Blank Red Hat letterhead and a Red Hat-branded envelope.


Red Hat’s corporate stationery includes everything needed for professional communication, including letterhead, envelopes, and note cards.

Always order stationery from our global supplier.

Red Hat account required for access.

A Red Hat business card.

Business cards

Be prepared for events and in-person meetings with your custom business cards.

Always order business cards from our global supplier.

Red Hat account required for access.

An email draft that ends with a Red Hat email signature.

Email signature

How you represent yourself digitally is as important as having a professional business card.  Your email signature represents both you and Red Hat. Depending on your role, it could be someone’s first interaction with our brand.

Red Hat account and connection to the Red Hat VPN required for access.

A Red Hat whitepaper document.

Collateral templates

We have guidelines and templates for each collateral type, including datasheets, whitepapers, and FAQs. Standard formats mean more efficient content creation and translation, as well as more accurate content tracking.

Red Hat account required for access.

A sample Red Hat letterhead design.

Self-serve image templates

Create your own digital sign, email header, The Source page banner, and more with our self-serve image templates in Google Slides.

Red Hat account required for access.

The Outfit interface.


Outfit enables you to quickly and easily create and modify on-brand assets, such as banners, collateral, social media graphics, and event materials. Choose from our library of templates, alter the background, content, and details, and publish instantly.

Red Hat account required for access.

The pen tool drawing an icon.

Design templates

Red Hat visuals like illustrations and icons always start on our standardized templates. This helps us to keep them consistent and aligned with the Red Hat design language.

Red Hat account and access to our Source Files Library required for access.