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In 2019, Red Hat was acquired by IBM as part of the largest software deal in history. While Red Hat is now owned by IBM, we remain a wholly distinct entity with our own independent brand, culture, and industry partnerships. We remain true to our identity when we are thoughtful about how IBM and Red Hat appear together and separately.

Co-branding with IBM

When considering co-branding, the most ideal option is to keep Red Hat neutral. Most of the time, the Red Hat and IBM brands should be used separately. When we need to specifically discuss our partnership with IBM, we use co-branded logos. In some instances, both brands benefit in ways they wouldn’t otherwise through co-creation. These situations are rare and should be handled collaboratively by both brand teams.

Start with the Red Hat® logo. Most of the time, Red Hat communications and projects should use the Red Hat logo alone. 

When our main goal is to communicate our partnership with IBM, the co-brand logo is the best choice. 

Co-creation is handled by both brands when both can offer a distinct product or service that wouldn’t be possible alone.

Using co-branded logos

Use co-branded logos only when you are talking about the Red Hat and IBM partnership. The rest of the time, use the Red Hat and IBM brands and logos separately.

Standard Red Hat and IBM co-brand logo, for Red Hat use only.

Standard IBM and Red Hat co-brand logo, for IBM use only.

Red Hat and IBM co-brand logos are produced in standard and reverse full-color versions, as well as in 1-color versions in white, red, and black.

Red Hat and IBM co-brand applications

The co-brand logo should be used in specific instances when the Red Hat and IBM partnership has an equal focus. If the focus is on our partnership, we can use the co-brand logo in applications like presentation templates, video outros, and event spaces.


Red Hat presentations that talk about our IBM partnership should use a co-brand version of our corporate presentation template, and they should follow all standard Red Hat presentation template guidelines.

Video outros

In the outro sequences for partnership-related videos that are hosted on Red Hat channels, we use an animated version of the co-brand logo in which the Red Hat logo leads.

IBM event booths

In an IBM event booth, use the Red Hat logo to represent Red Hat products and technologies.

Red Hat event booths

Red Hat-sponsored booths use Red Hat branding and event guidance.

Co-branded swag

Do not create joint Red Hat and IBM swag for use internally or externally, including at events. At joint events, offer Red Hat swag. Red Hat and IBM employees can purchase Red Hat swag from the Cool Stuff Store and IBM swag from the IBM Merchandise store.

Red Hat and IBM co-brand in use

Do not alter the Red Hat or IBM logo. Use the corporate, endorsement, or co-brand logo that is appropriate to the specific situation. Both organizations must approve new co-brand ideas.

Do not do this

Do not combine logos.

Do not do this

Do not create custom logo lockups.

Do not do this

Do not create gradients to signify red and blue coming together.

Do not do this

Do not replace Red Hat colors and fonts with IBM colors and fonts.

Do not do this

Do not create vertical or stacked lockups.

Do not do this

Do not use the fedora icon alone in a lockup.

Do not do this

Do not place the logos in bounding shapes or containers.

Do not do this

Do not apply other colors or gradients to the logos.

Do not do this

Do not create custom lockups using subbrands or product logos.