Additional resources

Our brand extends to various creative mediums and applications that have their own guidelines and resources. Links to these resources are available below.

A quick note: Most of the resources listed below will require you to sign in to an existing Red Hat® account. These assets are intended for Red Hat associates and approved partner agencies only. If you have questions about accessing these resources, ask your Red Hat point of contact.

Writing for Red Hat

Our voice is very much a part of what makes us Red Hat. Use these resources to bring out the Red Hat voice in everything you write.

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Pages from the Book of Red Hat.

Video and animation

Our videos tell authentic stories about Red Hat and our customers. Our animations visualize complex technologies in simpler, more relatable ways to give them more meaning while also conveying emotion and imagination.

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A screenshot of Red Hat’s Instagram account.

Social media

The social media team amplifies the Red Hat brand and offers a consistent user experience through creative, strategic, data-driven processes.

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A Red Hat technical diagram.

Technical diagrams

Our diagrams aim to convey complex technical concepts more clearly and effectively. These guidelines, templates, and standards offer a strong visual language on which to build.

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Two people wearing black t-shirts with the Red Hat logo on the chest.


Our merchandise promotes the Red Hat brand in public. It’s important that all Red Hat merchandise adheres to the brand standards and follows our merchandise guidelines.

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A screenshot of the Red Hat UX guidelines website.

User Experience

Our web interfaces are built using the Red Hat Digital Design System, which adapts Red Hat brand standards and design language into tokens and elements optimized for digital experiences.

A screenshot of the PatternFly website.


Our product interfaces are built with PatternFly, an open source design system that enables teams to create consistent and scalable enterprise products. PatternFly is sponsored and maintained by Red Hat, but is open to all.